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Win Innokin Vaping Gear Collection, New Year Gifts for Beginners & MTL Vapers--(Ended)


4.Tag 3 of your friends here.
@Jazzy_girl @robin @Underanne

Thank you @Heaven_Gifts for so many giveaways in 2017! Wishing you a very successful 2018!


1.Did you use any Innokin products before? What’s your impression on this brand?
Never used before. The brand has been around for a long time, so they must be good.


2.Among these 3 products, which one do you prefer? Why?
The Ares RTA. I dislike mods with built in batteries.


3.What’s your new year resolution?
To have a new year resolution.


4.Tag 3 of your friends here.
@Maureeenie, @Jayrell, @Weanlaw


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I have never used innokin before but i know they are good products for beginner vapers which can be very important to keep on vaping


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If i had to chose i would have to say the ares tank since i can use it on another device.


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or to not have one, cant decide so going w/ not trying to decide whether to have one or not.


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@Heaven_Gifts I dont mean to sound ungrateful but 40 participants for the contest is a lil steep on top of being during the holidays, It would be great if u could tier the number of winners at least based on the amount of people we conjure up. I imagine the kits being pif’d to friends to start them vaping vs. smoking so id hate to see that not happen if no one gets anything.
@BoDarc @GalacticResidue @SmilingOgre @therabidweasel @SthrnMixer @woftam @AlanS @Hobag @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit …max tags so invite others…


Thanks @worm1
#1 Nope, never used anything Innokin.

  1. Having not used Innokin, I have no opinions.

  1. I resolve not to resolve!

  1. @Letitia @mrpipes @Wayne


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id like to try the ares
@worm1 @Ken_O_Where @Jenny1978 @jhmiller @NikkiTee


#Post 1 Never…


#2 Ares RTa, the rest don’t fit on my use/likings


#Post 3
No year resolution… :confused:


#Post 4

@Laberythm @woftam @Lexie3


Yes I have had the isub /isub g / and isub apex tanks all great. Except for the first didn’t last long! The g and apex were great low wattage flavor tanks that all had interchangeable coils which is one thing I thought was awesome!


Also the coils were dirt cheap which was also a plus! On top of that you could pull the cotton once they got used up, fire the coil like an rda to clean, rinse then recotton and they were good as new! Don’t know about other items, but the isub tanks and coils were great imho!