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Win Innokin Vaping Gear Collection, New Year Gifts for Beginners & MTL Vapers--(Ended)


#3 I don’t do the whole new year new me thing, but I am going squirrel hunting on the first, so I guess my resolution is to have a good dinner?!? Lol


#4 everyone I talk to has been tagged but @Cutlass92 @VapeyMama @Molly_Mcghee tag number 2 lol



I have used one of those battery inside products of Innokin but i forgot what type it was.
It did rock tough :wink:



I like the Ares RTA alot.

I believe this one makes a user more into vaping while building there own deck



More sports !!



@SessionDrummer @Molly_Mcghee @Cutlass92 @Mew @Lolly

Thx @ADKmac for the headsup !


I used to have a couple of Innokin iSub tanks. They lasted well, although the coil life was pretty shocking.


Would have to be the RTA, cos I’m not a MTL vaper. The ease of coil building is appealing, as well as the slide-top filling.


None - why wait for a NY - a resolution can be made any day of the year :tada:


@Grubby @Sprkslfly @tbt127


Thanks for the @ but I will sit this one out :kissing_heart:


Nope never used. Won’t know till I try. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ares RTA for sure. I wouldn’t mind giving it a try


stay off cigarettes


@Ken_O_Where @bradslinux @Dan_the_Man



The second atomizer I bought was Innokin iClear X.I
Two-coil heads gave more vapor than usual clearomizers.


Definitely Ares. Because it is MTL device.



My resolution: no revolution in my life, only evolution.



@Quadfx @QaxXxuZ @qwestor


I have several Innokin products.