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Wish my loving Wifey luck


My loving Wifey is having surgery on her cervical spine this morning. We’re a bit nervous. Please wish her good luck.


I wish her well.


Please pass on best wishes to her from all of your extended family. Hoping she has a speedy recovery.


Absolutely! tell her that the community world wide is cheering for her!!

But most of all YOU and your families have to be strong!

I know what it’s like, mine had leukemia and we went through all that strife! She won it!
All I can say is, stay close to her and cheer her up and spoil her a bit (you know,…silly things) that I think helped!

A kiss to her from the other side of the world!


Only good thoughts brother, only good thoughts…


Best wishes to your wife an a lot of good luck.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, all the best luck and a speedy recovery!


The best of luck to your wife and to you too :hugs:


Best of luck and a speedy recovery!


May the surgeon’s hands be swift and sure, may her recovery be quick and pain free.


Thoughts and prayers on the way good sir


good thoughts on the way to you both


Good thoughts to your loving wife on a flawless surgery and speedy recovery.


best wishes for a speedy recovery and the best results! …and you rest up o’ Caretaker


My better half had emergency surgery on her back seven days ago. Went for a scan at 12 and was on the operating table by 8! It’s a 5 week recovery period of which I need to stay at home with her and the 5 month old baby for at least the first two weeks. The timing is great for me as I have just started to DIY, lots of hours to make my first mixes.
Good luck to your wife. Hope it goes well.


Best wishes and speedy recovery!!




Best wishes. Please let us know if she is up and well.


All the best to you and your wife.


Just read this (12 hours late). Hope everything went well. Praying for a speedy recovery.