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Wish my loving Wifey luck


Prayers for you and wife, pray all is well


Hope all went well…


Yikes! Taking care of A baby and The Baby at the same time. Hope she has a speedy and easy recovery and you retain your sanity :smiley:


From the bottom of my heart, and with all my soul I thank and wish good blessings on each and everyone of you. Surgery ended up being much much more extensive than Dr. O originally thought it would be. Every disc in her cervical spine was pretty much shot to hell. Dr.O said he couldn’t believe that most of wifey’s day wasn’t spent screaming in pain. He said he just doesn’t know how she was able to function at all. When he started removing the first one he said he had cut down into it once pulled some away, went to cut again and the scalpel immediately was in contact with bone. Normally it takes 4 or more cuts to get through it. She’s resting well and we expect an amazing recovery.


That is excellent news.


That is great news. I’m happy for her, you and your family. Take some deep breaths, relax and get some rest.


I missed the well wishing part of this thread but I am glad that your wife (and yourself) are doing good. It is a rough time when a loved one is ill.


We are still praying, now for a full and speedy recovery.


We are happy campers now, wifey is home, hardware intact. Oso quit growling at me for not bringing mommy home. Dr. O. has restored the space between C3-C4, C4-C5,C6-C6-C7 and some other clean up work that needed to be done, she had a cyst on her spinal column causing spinal stenosis it was removed as well. You can’t even see her incision. Dr. O does a running stitch in the dermis right under the skin and then closes with liquiband topped by steri strips that are to be worn till they fall off.


That’s wonderful news. Glad she’s home now and surrounded by all her stuff.


@GPC2012 Glad to hear the worst is over, and she’s home. We’ll keep her in our prayers.


Fantastic news!!! Unbelievable the work the surgeon did.

Now it’s a matter of recovery time, a big hug!


We’re taking short walks now, and she is beginning to get some normal feelings back in her arms, hands, shoulders and back. It’s wonderful to see her not in gut wrenching pain. And able to move around a little more so far.


@GPC2012 That is GREAT news, and I can only imagine.


That is sooo good to hear. I’m so happy for you and the wifey.


Thanks for keeping us updated :smile:
Wonderful news!


I know this has nothing to do with vaping other than the fact that the woman can put away 20 to 25 ml of good DIY juice. lmao
Wifey had first Dr. visit yesterday, one week post surgery. He removed the last bit of steri strip and body glue remnants. Other than a tiny bit of swelling that he said was natural you can’t hardly tell she had surgery. The swelling will go down within a couple weeks and then the scar is in one of normal creases in the neck closest to the collar bone and it still blows me away right in the front from her wind pipe three inches long. She won’t let me take a pic cause she still has sharpie marks around it. So after she gets a shower and doesn’t look like a dot to dot on her neck I have to get a pic. you just won’t believe it.


Great to hear your wife is doing well!!


My prayers are with you all… May GOD BLESS YOU ALL :raised_hands::innocent:


This is the pub! It doesn’t have to have anything to do with vaping, but now you mention it…ooh heck! I don’t suppose they allowed her to vape in the hospital? That musta been hard to deal with :frowning: