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Wismec Reuleaux RX200 Not Firing


I just bought a Wismec Reuleaux RX200 and a Herakles Plus tank. I immediately filled the Herakles and Screwed it on to the RX200. I’m using 3 Samsung 25r batteries that are brand new and the same age. The Herakles Plus has a .4 ohm coil pre-installed so the device should be able to handle it. I switched the device to power mode and set it a 35 watts and pressed the fire button…atomizer low… That’s all the RX200 says. Every time I fire it. I don’t know whats wrong with it I updated it to firmware update 1.08 which is the newest at the moment. Anyone know whats wrong with my device?


Do you have another mod you can test the Herakles on to make sure it is not the problem?


Yes I have a second Herakles Plus and an Ipv d3 so I’ll swap em and see what happens. But I have to wait till I get back from work. Got any quick fixes?


Make sure the 510 pin is protruding enough to make contact. Happened a cpl of times to me. Quick fix though. :ok_hand:


I have one and haven’t had a problem. But in power mode from what i understand. It wi u ll only fire down to 0.1. In tc mode down to 0.05.


Ok thanks I’ll have a peek.


But the Herakles coils are .4 ohm kanthal coils…


Is it just that coil that does this ? Does other attys work on there ?


I haven’t checked yet I’ll have to see when I get home from work.


Mine was giving me a similar issue. I took the batteries out, put them back in, unscrewed the atty, put e batteries back, then the atty. the device asked if it was a new coil, yes, then i locked the resistance and it seems to be working now, but ive had a lot of problems with this mod


Did you go do the firmware updates, mine was acting strange. Onec i did my updates it started working perfectly. Just a thought.


i bought it running 1.07, updated to 1.08, but still having issues :confounded:


Well crap, that sucks. Sorry your having issues. I guess with any mass production products. Your going to have good and bad.


Sorry to hear you are having issues. I never use mine in power mode but just to see I tried it on a .32ohm Ti build and it fired it with no issue at all. I have no clue other than to suggest as others have to try different atty’s on it to make sure it is not an issue with that tank and not the mod itself. If you find all devices do the same I would contact the vendor and ask for them to exchange it.

I have had no issues with mine at all other than operator error until I got accustomed to how the new coil same coil thing works but that is only using TC modes.

Sounds to me there is a connection issue at the 510 with that tank


Ya I love the Reuleaux but these problems are pissing me off. My firmware is 1.08 and shit is still going on. Do you think putting a new coil head in the Herakles would do it?


Sounds like a short. Hopefully in the coil or tank assembly. You really need to try another tank when you get home. Does someone else have a tank you can try while you are there at work? Maybe another option since you are at work…


Totally agree


Ok thanks guys I’ll be home soon and I’ll report back. We’ll see if my other Herakles Plus has the same problem.


Something else I just noticed on mine is that the center pin is quite large. If it was cocked to the side and say the Herakles has either a flush or recessed pin in the base, that could cause a short. I think I would try other type tanks as well…


Ok great I’ll check that out.