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Wonder Flavors?


I Got an email from wizard labs introducing their “Wonder Flavors”; ( that they’be carrying ).

Does anybody know anything about these ?? Are they any good…


good question, i thought the same.perhaps they renamed one like other vendors…


I don’t think there’s been written a whole lot about Wonder Flavors, but I got this thread for you though


Hmm… that’s very possible, good thinking.
Although Maybe someone will chime in with more info…


@Underanne thanks for the links!
This definitely sheds some light on these flavors.,
They do seem to be somewhat different in flavor profile & availability (so that’s a good sign that they’re not a relabel)…
Plus they’re very reasonably priced…
I’m intrigued…


I remember reading about them for a while back and I got a little put off by the fact that they seem somewhat weak, which means the reasonable price isn’t all that reasonable if you have to use a lot to get the desired strength. Woof, long sentence there lol


Canadian? Take off! Beauty Aye? I’ll be checkin them out for sure.


I ordered from them when they first came out. I bought chocolate chunks, a strawberry, butterscotch pudding, and they gave me a vanilla free. I can tell u that they’re strength is similar to TFA. I ended up PIFING them to a friend bc right now I’m enjoying my super strength flavors.


That is good to know…
So TFA strength Eh ?? I’ll give them a whirl sometime… Super Concentrates are nice but some, like “Flavora” Cookie @ $12.50 for 15 ml is just too much money for me… others are more reasonably priced though…


I bought a couple in the UK and would call them “wonder why flavours” as I wonder why I bought them. It is all subjective but I thought they were really poor, the pecan pie one was ok but one of the worst coil gunkers I have had, the other two I cant even remember were just poor. Dont bother is my advice