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Wotofo the Troll RTA Giveaway: Try the Unique One Post Deck Tech


I like the idea of a shorter rta, should have good flavor. The deck looks easy to build on.


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Hopefully a dna mod by @Whiterose0818


Next Question: What is your all time favorite flavour RTA?.


The merlin is one I like pretty well.

Next Question: How many ml’s do you use in a day?


I use 4-5 ML e-liquid a day.

Next Question: What is your all time favorite Single-coil RTA?


Goblin mini

Next question; How do you clean your coils?


Isopropyl alcohol and a toothbrush

Next q: favourite post set screws ? Philips head, straight head or hex head


@Josephine_van_Rijn @Joy @MrGiggly


[quote=“Volition, post:68, topic:105791”]
set screws ? Philips head, straight head or hex head

Hex Head
Next question;
What type of wire do you primarily use to build coils?


I mainly use SS 25g, but recently have gone back to plain old Kanthal 26g too.

How much juice do you get through per day?


Looks very different
I could give it a whirl like the post


It looks interesting with the 1 post design and allows more room for juice that way. I am concerned with how easy it is to work with or if it’s too cramped and awkward.


@BoyHowdy @SthrnMixer @Rob62 @GPC2012 @Whiterose0818 @VapeyMama @Lolly @Lovebug6737


I use around 5-8mls per day.

Next Question:

What wattage range do you like to vape at best?


I think the post holes look like I need to throw some big ass coils in them and vape some big juicy clouds. I really like the look of this RTA


@Sahyatt @Skullblade789


I like to vape at about 75-80 watts

Next question what is you favorite mod you currently own?


My favorite mod is Joyetech Evic VT.

Next question Which mod or tank you have on your wishlist for next purchase?


The Troll, although I really wish to win it :grin:

Next question: What’s the most disgusting flavour you’ve ever vaped?