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Wotofo the Troll RTA Giveaway: Try the Unique One Post Deck Tech


Say what? I never annoyed anyone in my life. And for the chili sauce, it better be made out of Carolina Reapers!
@DrChud i’m sure they share the same sauce :laughing: Rip makes an big order and ship some of it over to Vol.


You have now. :grinning:


I’m not a tanker, but this design makes me want to try it out for sure.

Instagram shared

Answer : no idea

Question : the day I tried a vape was the last day I touched a cigarette… it was literally life changing… is that the same for you?


Close, I had 3 cigarettes a fortnight after my first vape. I ran out of nic & it arrived later that afternoon. That was 4 months ago. I don’t like that I’m still hooked on something, but harm minimisation is the go. And I lo e the cool gear amongst many many cons. Loving the gear is also my big con. Ha.

Next question: what’s your favourite wick? Include brand if you prefer a particular.


Normally i use basic koh gen do japanese cotton but then i tried some native wicks platinum…that stuff is really good. I usually don’t buy in to the “premium” cotton deals but its the real deal.

Question: What do you think of high nic mouth 2 lung vaping? Still vape that way?


No, never did MTL I just can’t do it at all.

Question: Does anybody still use ego style batteries and tanks?


I don’t anymore. In fact I just gave away two vision spinner 2’s and mini protank 3’s last week. Hopefully the people that got them can make the switch as easily as I did. Gotta spread the word :smile:


Next Question: Have you seen any reviewers testing the PEEK on the troll RTA and would you have any concerns that they managed to melt and scorch it with the coils?


Never seen it, but will have a look. Ta.


Next q: what’s your preferred wire type? Nickel, nichrome, Stainless Steel, Kanthal, other.


Q: what’s your preferred wire type? Nickel, nichrome, Stainless Steel, Kanthal, other.
A1 Kanthal

Next Question: What is favorite vender/source for your hardware needs?


I usually buy from efun.top for gear but they are SLOW. For flavors I use Bull City. And wire is Lightning Vapes.

Question: Do you think vaping should be allowed indoors?


NO i do not think it should be allowed indoors in public places

Question : doea anyone think Vaping should be regulated AT ALL


Maybe, in a way where we are guaranteed quality. But markets can normally police that as long as there isn’t a monopoly.

Q: have you signed up for a lobby group to support vaping? Do it!


yes i have

Question : would you buy a mod or tank from a tobacco company like RJ reynolds or whomever ???


Not if i knew a tobacco company was behind the product no.

Question: If tobacco and pharma takes over the regulated market would you consider starting using mech mods?


Yes and no. I would not buy those mods. I would get into making my own. Source boards and make myself. Whilst making my mod I’ll use a mech. I don’t see it happening mind you. The companies that are not associated will still exist. The only way pharbacco could do it is to undercut prices and subsidise mods whilst you are stuck buying there nicotine. Like printer cartridges.

Next q: what’s your favourite mech mod? Owned, seen or want to buy?


My favourite mech mod up to date gotta be the Metal Moose stab wood mech i bought earlier.
I wouldn’t mind getting my paws on a mech from Negus, a mech from Hstone, a Mongrel from Smog Mod or even something more unique.

Question: What do you prefer, 18650 or 26650 battery mods and 1, 2 or 3 batteries?


18650 (so far anyway) and I actually prefer 4 batteries. :grinning:

Question: Do you prefer PG based nicotine or VG based?


I prefer to use PG based because it’s easier to work with and supposedly lasts longer when stored in a freezer than VG based.