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Wotofo the Troll RTA Giveaway: Try the Unique One Post Deck Tech


Next Question: How many tanks and mods do you have on the go in a day?.


i usually am rotating three to four mods different tanks

next question : what is your favorite sub ohm tank


Baby beast


Next q: what is your least favourite aspect about vaping and your favourite


My least favourite aspect about Vaping is the people lobbying against us Vapers without having any solid information about the stuff they are pushing on to people that doesn’t have a clue.

My favourite thing about Vaping is first off that it saved my health and secondly it has lead to, me getting to know a bunch of really cool people both in real life and online.

Next question: If you hadn’t found Vaping, where would you be today and would you still smoke?


Before vaping it was mostly hookers and blow. I’d probably be found face down in the gutter. I would be smoking,if I could keep my cig lit.

Next question: If you had a choice of an advocate or spokesperson for vaping who would be?


The thumbs up is for hookers and blow, not cigs lol


question: If you had a choice of an advocate or spokesperson for vaping who would be?
Greg Conley President of A.V.A.
Next Question;
If you found that because of deeming regulations either State or Federal. You were unable to acquire Vaping products Hardware or Eliquids (Nicotine). Would you resort to Black Market purchasing?



Next Question : do you know any sources for black market purchasing


I most certainly do :wink:


Next Question: Do you need me to hook you up with something?.


Lmao i was answering the previous questio. with a related question but No ty also good to know though :slight_smile:

Next question : are you guys ready for this to end and find out who won ???


Just PM me bro. I got you lol


Yes yes yes. And i will definitely be keeping the black market thing in mind :wink:

Next Question: Whats your thoughts on people using mech mods improperly, not knowing ohms law and battery safety, and blowing their faces off?


Proof that God and evolution are working together.


Follow up Question: Do you think someone should give Donald Trump a mech mod, 0.05 ohm coils and some rewrapped efest batteries?.

If that doesn’t get it moving nothing will lol


why wrap the batteries ??? isnt that safer :wink:


Touche buddy lol


Next Question: How happy would everyone be if I won this tank?.


Not nearly as happy as If I did! Lol