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Yestival with Yes, Carl Palmer, and Todd Rundgren


What a show last night at the Yestival in Holmdel, NJ. Yes, Carl Palmer, and Todd Rundgren. Haven’t seen Yes in forever, but they proved they still got it, and they don’t care who knows it !!! I was very surprised by Carl Palmer who is the surviving member of ELP. Short set, but he got a standing ovation after EVERY song. He will be returning later in the year for a full 2 hour set, and we’ll probably be going back.

Todd Rundgren, eehhhhhh, I was never a huge fan, but do remember a few of his older songs, which he stated in numerous interviews he would NOT be playing. My wife mentioned that she felt bad for him, as after each of his songs except 1 or 2, the crowd seemed disinterested, and impartial. It seemed almost as if the band was not really connecting to anyone in the audience, although the band did their jobs well, overall it came across as almost disingenuous at best. The lead guitarist was the stand out.

Yes, yes, and MORE Yes !!! With Alan White’s health issues (and assisting drummer on this tour), 3 original members of the band, and a slightly obscure set list, nothing seemed to be holding them back. Even I didn’t know all of the older songs they did, but everything they did, was flawless. As expected, the 2nd encore of Roundabout basically reminded everyone what Yes is about, and the crowd grew even louder (if that was even possible).

IMO, they could have left Todd Rundgren at the gate and extended Carl Palmer’s set and that would have been great. Was able to pay it forward to a co-worker as he hadn’t seen Yes in forever as well, and he had a blast. Wife had a few tickets she couldn’t resell and we found a couple on the lawn, pushed all the way forward, and she decided to give them some free 11th row seats. They were very appreciative and had never had anyone pay it forward to them before. Very nice.

Didn’t want to waste quality time constantly video’ing or pic’ing but got a few. The mains were pretty damned loud in the 11th row, so it was overloading the mic somewhat. If anyone is a fan of Yes, or Carl Palmer and have the chance to go see the Yestival, highly recommended. Still hungover, and cooking on about 3 hours of sleep. NO mixing today !!!

You got a 50/50 shot, which one IS SessionDrummer ??


That looks like a lot of fun!


Hungover like a dog Mr. Cutlass. Can’t do those all-nighters like I used to. About a 2.5 hour trip up to North Jersey, but worth the drive. Gotta find mah aspirins …


Makes me want to go to another concert. Last one we seen was Garth Brooks in Fresno Ca. It was purely fantastic. Hadn’t been to a concert if years!


@GPC2012 Never too late brother !!! I’ve never been a real “country fan”, but the wife DID indeed get me to go to a show recently, and although…


… it was actually a very good show/time.


Put your big boy panties on and get yourself a beer!


It’s like you’re stealing my thoughts !!! Just let me get this finger nail polish off first !!!


I thought I saw a hint of Hot pink on your hand in the pic!


Ahhhhhh, so it would APPEAR. If you look closely, you’ll see I am indeed conspicuously hiding BOTH my hands in that pic.


Well I guess that’s just inferred it then, just get yourself so acetone and cotton balls.



Such a pretty pretty princess!


That had to be one hell of a show. Seeing these old farts still pumpin out the music gives me hope for my next show. Sometimes I look out into the audience and think “what the hell am I doing? there’s no one here over 12”


I know I’m probably going to get a bunch of shocked faces for this one… I have never ever been to a concert of any kind lol and I LOVE music… some days it’s the only thing that keeps me sane


You need to fix that!


Did this one last year. First time I saw him play was some 45 years prior to this.


@Jayrell, don’t feel bad. I’ve only been to one. When I was 19 I saw Slaughter, Dokken (spelling?), Cinderella, and Poison. Summer of 1999, so none of them were in their prime. I got puked on and knocked down by an asshat who was way too drunk. These were the pre- @Cutlass92 days.


My last concert was Chick Corea and Herbie Handcock. OMG! Back to back grands. Herbie did a little with a synth as well. Those two are from some distant far advanced planet or something. I don’t have words. I got to shake Herbie’s hand. What a humble man. It didn’t improve my bass playing one bit. So much for the “farce be with you”. I heard things I didn’t think possible.


Thanks Molly :slight_smile: I’m not super into crowds so it never really appealed to me… I’m social when I want to be… but I can drink and act crazy in my own house and won’t get a DUI lol and if I decide to pass out in my backyard next to the fire pit so what lol the kids will wake me in the morning anyway lol


Oh god…that line up snapped me back straight into 80’s high school memories! I need to kill some more brain cells!!