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Yestival with Yes, Carl Palmer, and Todd Rundgren


My music tastes are very eclectic as long as we agree that RAP aint music! Never heard a rapper I liked, never rapped, never gonna rap in fact the wife has strict instructions that If in my advanced years I become demented and am rambling on mindlessly if I start to rap pull the plug, that’s the sure sign there’s no hope for me


By the 80’s I was guarding the one I have left. lmao


I got a very cryptic email one News Years Day regarding the food and drink I’d had the night before, seems I’d stained my buddys cement walkway in the back yard, he also wondered If I’d seen who had gotten sick in the pool. I just didn’t have the heart to tell him it was him. He still doesn’t remember it. lmao


I enjoyed the music, but I’m with you on crowds!!! I’d rather crank up my stereo and drunk dance in my living room!


I would have enjoyed seeing those hairbands!! And the drunken antics! But I am more into classic rock, which I guess technically now includes 80’s hairbands! Lol! I love concerts. My first one was Bob Dylan, it was incredible!


My first one was Jefferson Airplane, yes airplane not starship. I’ve seen Steppenwolf 4 or 5 times the Carpenters one of Jim Croce’s last concerts, Grass Roots, Guess Who, BTO, Spirit, Steve Winwood, America 8 times (one of my favorite all time bands) I saw the Doobie Brothers, managed to get a partial pic of me on one of their Live albums. Now this will get you. Charlie Pride, Slim Whitman, George Straight, Rascal Flats. Brooks and Dunn, Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney I could go on as they come to mind.


If you do and decide to leave the webcam on let us know. :smile:


Sounds like an amazing concert to go to! Would love to see Yes! I haven’t seen a ton of classic rock bands/performers, but did go to any ones that I could! I saw Bob Dylan (my first concert, I was 19, 1997), Not technically classic rock but Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, Paul McCartney was completely amazing and I even cried at parts, Aerosmith and Cheap Trick both were so good, Cheap Trick really brought it, loved them and Aerosmith was incredible, Heart, Peter Frampton, and my lack of brain cells is blocking my memory from anyone else that’s not from 90’s or newer.

Are you familiar at all with Butch Walker? (No, he is not country, not a fan myself, except for some old country music). He was in an 80’s hair band called Southgang, then a few other bands, then started writing, producing and went solo. He is an unbelievable performer! He just goes crazy on stage!


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I’ll be sure to tag you in the video!


Great, by seeing this ignore my PM


I’ve seen Areosmith, would trade one of my sons to see Sir McCartney


I saw Heart too but was so wasted I don’t really remember it. :mage:t4: Gosh that was a long time ago. lmao


Lol! I practically had to sell a kidney to buy the ticket! He was incredible! No opening act, performed for 3 hours straight! Did mostly Beatles stuff, a few things from Ram. Not too much wings or new stuff. Which was exactly what I hoped for! He played so many instruments as well. I was in Heaven hearing my all time favorite songs played live by one of the people who wrote and sang them all! He did a small portion on an acoustic guitar, alone on stage, 4 songs that were dedicated to John, Blackbird, Here Today, In My Life and then he actually played Imagine! That whole part was when I cried. Along the stage were giant projection screens, and they showed old photos of the band and Paul and Linda through the concert that kind of went along with the set list. During that part, they were all photos of John and Paul. :cry::cry:


And now we know Session Drummer is the man on the right!!


Very cool, I am a big Yes fan. Seen them 5-6 times in concert

I used to play the drums all the time to their music.


Yes and ELO, two of my favorite bands.


Ugh, OMG, this is an EPIC list! I think I am most jealous of the Jim Croce concert! Although Jefferson Airplane would have been amazing to see then, but it’s hard to pick, all of them would have been amazing to see in their prime!

My ultimate dream concerts if time and place were non issues (in no particular order)
The Beatles, obviously, in '65 maybe
Rolling Stones back in the 70’s
Janis Joplain before she died
CCR in the early 70s
The Doors 70’s
Led Zeppelin 70’s
Pink Floyd 70’s
Grateful Dead in the 70’s
Aerosmith in '80
Peter, Paul and Mary at their height


My first concert erupted into a riot, thanks to the lovely people in the San Jose Police Dept. Went to hear a bunch of punk bands, got to watch what happens when a cop swings a riot baton at a skinhead(It didn’t end well for either party)


I never was a Kiss fan, but saw them in concert, late 70s…OMG


I had Kiss in the 70’s on there, but took them off because I don’t like them as much as the others. But, I bet that was Amazing! I have heard a lot of people who have seen Kiss say that they give a really good performance, even if you aren’t into them.