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Yestival with Yes, Carl Palmer, and Todd Rundgren


I’m thinking I’d sell that for about $1,000 on eBay. List it for $1,500 with a “Best Offer” option …notice the total lack of emojis right now


Nah… I’d just blow it on vape shit anyways :slight_smile:


I used to live in Lancaster PA From 89 to 95 then I moved to Arizona
before that I lived in Newport News VA.


That’s so cool! I can’t believe you used to live so close to me! I met one other person on here who lives approximately 2 hours from here. But I live in the middle of nowhere, so it is exciting to find someone one who lives/lived nearby!


Yeah it’s HOT in Arizona this time of year but buy sept it starts to cool down
At least I don’t have to shovel snow :sunglasses:


Very true, lots of snow here. Especially in 1994, if you remember. But Arizona would be too hot for me!! I need to live somewhere that has temps in the 70s all year round! Lol! Are you from Newport News originally?


No Indiana Pa. I moved to Newport News when I was 18 to work in the Shipyard as a pipe fitter


This is incredible!! What great memories to look at!


@Jayrell Nice !!!