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You know you're a vaper when


You know you’re a vaper when you try to turn on your cellphone by pushing the on/off button 5 times. It’s been one of those days :slight_smile:

You Know You're a Mixer When (YKYAMW)
A PUBLIC and Civil Discussion on the Rules

LOL …thats a good one


YKYAVW ~ you see steam coming out of a grate on the sidewalk or manhole cover and wonder if there’s a vape meet below ground. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


YKYAVW…You tell the FDA and Government to Stop blowing Smoke up your ass and let us all VAPE !!! LOL


You know your a vaper when… Everything is suddenly vapeable…


You know your a vaper when… being able to see your screen is a sign that you need to vape…


You know your a vaper when… You get jealous of a Cumulonimbus



YKYAVW…you say cloudy’mc’cloud’face and chuckle…and is saved as a word in auto correct.

YKYA diy’er when some random guy finds out you mix and he shoves a random bottle towards you nose and asks what’s in it and you say…“first I smell surclose, EM, and a touch of blueberry”


Or press volume+ and power simultaneously…


YKYAVW…when you wonder about the tcr setting for the seat warmers in your car.

YKYAVW…your thankful segiele had no hand in building your car so the sport mode actually works when engaged.

YKYAVW… You really wonder for a second how you could hook up a car battery to your mod and what kind of coils would you need.


Long day I take it :joy_cat:


… vape your pens.


Ya know your a vapor… when your sitting at a stop light and you look across the road at the cars also sitting at their light… and you see a cloud go out one of the windows… and you know it isn’t a analog
(to take this one step further, I wonder if they are vaping diy or store bought)


YKYAVW - you say “I have a recipe for that” and it isn’t food.


If you think about it a lot of ink pens do look like vape pens. mmm nice blueberry juice…


…you read a phrase like “That [insert cool or evil thing here] is wicked!” and wonder if they’re using cotton or hemp.


Do you own a BMW?


YKYAVW - you turn off the lights to save 10 cents but don’t give a damn about charging a gazillion Li Ion batts


YKYAVW - when you tell her you’re “Dropping the BRONUTS off at the pool”

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