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You know you're a vaper when


That’s disgustingly hilarious. :joy:


YKYAVW -when the lighting hire company you work for use you to test in house disco lights then realise they could probably make money off you hiring you out to parties as a smoke machine… (actually true…) :confused:


I set off the smoke alarm at home yesterday …wait

YKYAVW - you set off your home smoke detector


YKYAVW - You dont notice your driving in fog…


@Grubby YKYAVW - you replace the interior light bulbs in your car with yellow LEDs so you can see the instrument panel (steering wheel/shifter/radio/Nav/other people)


I tried to take a draw off of mine, kind of metallic aftertaste, eewwww…


Off your cell phone?! Don’t do that… Lol


Yes, I have an old school flip with the stubby antenna, without looking while driving and tired, I pressed the volume button and tried to draw off of the antenna…:open_mouth:


Ha! That’s too funny. My phone would taste like whatever was on my three year old’s fingers. Eew.


YKYAVW… Random people, you don’t know, keep asking… “Why do you smell like strawberries?”


YKYAVW - You compete against your shower head for vapor production.


You have to mount one of these on your laptop to be able to see the screen


When you get out of a car and the cops across the street look at you funny. Only because it looks like Cheech and Chong when step out with your personal cloud behind you. Too true for me. The cops thought it was dope. Nope just a damn goid vape!


My landlord came to see if we were alright. Wife and I were vaping a tfv8 each by a window fan while sitting at our kitchen table. He thought something was on fire. Lol there was so much cloud pouring out that Kitchen window. He looked so generally concerned and confused.


YKYAVW more people think your car is on fire. I’ve seriously had so many people comment about my car “smoking”! Tonight I had a meeting at church and I got there at the same time as the husband of one of our priests. I could see him staring at my car and as we walked to the door he said “your car is smoking!” :laughing:


YKYAVW You use your fridge for DIY vape products rather than beer… @Pugs1970 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


YKYAVW your hubby’s RC mini forklift carries dropper bottles and mods in the living room…


YKYAVW when you open a computer magazine, see a new PC box and your first thought is “why are there mods in a computer magazine - oh wait…”


Window cleaning becomes a weekly chore…


LMAO. Obviously I’m getting older…

I remember 30-40 years ago, that simply meant it was the weekend. Once a week…Like clockwork, out came the feather duster and the windex.

Of course, “weekly housecleaning” as the norm has generally fallen off the map (by comparison) over the last decades thanks to our society developing a two income requirement.