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You know you're a vaper when


Carry 2 or 3 bottles (unicorn) in my jacket pocket, another 7 in a murse i keep in my backpack, and still got bored with the flavors…


Ykyavw you forget your lip gloss so you dab some e-liquid on your pout and shine on! :laughing: :kiss::kiss::kiss:


I’ve done this, too!! :joy:


Set off a smoke detector at a 5 star hotel…myth busted


You know you’re a vaper when you find a secret place in the airport to vape ( downstairs in the garden in Hawaii International)


You know you’re a vaper when everywhere is suitable for a stealth vape with your cloudy sub ohm set up :slight_smile:


YKYAVW…you hate the smell of coins/metal :nauseated_face: (especially on the hands) but you run a full copper or brass mech and atty all day. :stuck_out_tongue:


When all your vape devices cost like a your home)