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You know you're a vaper when


Glass here.




Well shit man, I’m trying, what’s the messiness on it?


Messiness? Que whatcu mean?


Lol measurements.


No worries brother. We can put the thread back on track. I’ve ordered their replacements, I just need them to clear Calgary customs. Appreciate the effort but these are old soldiers from an era long gone. I kept them alive as long as I could (like 2 years daily driver service).


YKYAVW: You’re a new mixer with 220 flavors plus many dup’s, horrible at organizing. Everytime I sit down to catalog my flavors all I accomplish is another 100 to 200ml’s of fresh test juice. Gonna have to start giving test mixes away. Not enough time to taste everything I mix


You KNOW you’re a vaper when you hear of ANOTHER vaper who has lost everything, …

and THIS happens …


Don’t worry @GSAutoTech it just gets worse once you get to 500+ flavors too !!!


YKYAVW when you have to go to all the vape stores you see just because


I “had” a plan… wittle down unused, disliked & stale flavors. Shoot for about a hundred in stock flavors.
So after 3 went into trash I noticed 12 new in web shopping cart.
Something went wrong with my plan.


Ok, I’m adding one to this old thread, this was recently.

So, I am looking for one of my Mods. My wife asks me what I am looking for and I tell her my Mod. She said, and I quote,

“It’s in your hand.” I roll my eyes and say, “No not that one.”


Well @Beaufort_Batches I’m glad to see it’s NOT just me. Sadly for me, when the above mentioned DOES happen, that ALWAYS segways into the whole, “How many of THOSE do you need” ??



To which I reply, I want one for every flavor.:wink:


u know, you’re suppose to name them so she knows which u are referring to


I got 6 boxes & a dozen tanks. Most of the tanks are the same but have diff mixes in them. Keep losing track of what juice is in which tank.
One day I’ll get truly organized.



My wife always tells me I have too many. My response is you can never have too many. What if one breaks.


Don’t we all say that we will get organize. Then realize that even more work we don’t want to do


I keep 2 boxes on charge, carry 2 & have 2 floats. All have different juices in tanks. I don’t get jammed up when on the fly, grab & go…


I carry 5 unicorn bottles 2 setups and 4 extra batteries I my backpack. 2 floaters and 3 backups