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You know you're a vaper when


I love chucking big clouds but Holy Lord lets’ talk reality - this stuff just sticks to everything.

My husband (His most holy and all powerful fiscal republican) started buying those windex wipes for me because it’s just too much work with the paper towels and spray.

Flat screens, mirrors, table tops windows and the wood floors.

The dust bunnies don’t look like dust bunnies, they look like little greasy dirt worms now.


Maybe my clouds are just pitiful. After I quit smoking I noticed how much cleaner my windows are. When I clean them now there’s no yellow film on the paper towels, just a little dust. :grin:

Anyway, my YKYAVW is seeing OMG and my mind immediately thinks 0 nic, lol.

You know you’ve been mixing too much that day when every round thing you pick up, you shake the hell out of it, even though it’s the aspirin bottle or the salt shaker. :laughing:


I inhaled a large hit and had to cough it out when I read that. Lol.


Yours were yellow?? o0

My used paper towels were literally very dark brown, and in some cases black when I got done on certain surfaces. :gag: And to think, that was going on in my lungs. ><
SO thrilled those days are over!


I couldn’t have said it better! I have hardwood floors so I know exactly what you mean!!!


Put my mod to my ear and tried to vape the phone (blushes)


Me too. Ouch. I hate that when I hurt myself laughing.


Yeah. Probably because I didn’t smoke throughout my house, only by an exhaust fan in my kitchen. The windows in there were dreadful though, lol.


Or when you’re always driving in fog


YKYAV when you begin to make fused clapton spaghetti to soak up more flavor from your sauce

When you rig lighting and vapor in your car to simulate thunderstorms at night in heavy traffic to relieve boredom.


You ask people if they are using those tanks they have broken all the glass out of and take them for free.

Then visit all the China sites for cheap replacement parts. :slight_smile:


YKYAVW … you’ve had a dream which consisted of having an intellectual conversation with a cloud :fog:


I want what your vaping lol


I actually had a dream that I made a mix. Sad when I woke up. Did not write it down and no liquid. I was pissed.


** hands you the magic juice* * – psa… you may experience euphoria, kaleidoscope vision, and may be greeted by flying orbs and friendly clouds


Funny, I actually had a dream that I made a great mix… It hasn’t happened yet lol


Wouldn’t that cloud just be another vaper? Just sayin it seems logical.


YKYAVW ~ You’re tidying up your stash, find a tank you haven’t used in a while and can’t remember what’s in there. :confused: It’s delicious, obviously a kiwi something but I have no idea which version of which recipe. Shit!


LOL I can totally relate to that right now. Working my way thru the back of my steeping cupboard and my handwritten labels appear to be in the Johnny Walker language. Just say no to drunk mixing!:champagne:


Should have told me this a half hour ago. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: