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You know you're a vaper when


I was going to but then peer pressure stopped me :point_right:


LMAO! Not sure if that makes you a good influence or bad. Either way works for me! So far, it’s only a couple shots of Bailey’s in my coffee while I enter all my handwritten concept recipes into the calculator. I probably won’t get to actually mixing them all until tomorrow.


After having your wisdom teeth removed and being told to avoid creating suction you vape 15min daily anyway and end up with dry socket and have to go to the hospital for an IV twice a day for three days lol


Argg spell check # 15ml


YNYAVW - When you start saying “Enough with the Strawberry, Custard, Vanilla” juices!!


LMAO I just did that … I picked up a bottle of maple syrup for my pancakes I had made and shook the crap out of the syrup bottle too funny!



YKYAVW when the first ‘Happy Birthday’ I get actually on my Birthday is from a concentrates company :laughing:


Happy Birthday Pugs! Have a great one!


Thank you sir I intend to do exactly that :wink: :+1:


Happy Birthday Paul!!

May you be as blessed with good health, happiness, and success beyond your expectations in your recent endeavors!


Happy birthday, Pugsy, may all your wishes come true :dizzy:


Happy happy birthday Pugs!


Happy birthday dude!


Happy Birthday!


YKYAVW you clean the lint screen in your dryer and think, “can I use this as wick this?”

Also, working in a textile mill is really difficult. Especially when they blow down the looms. I mean someone pulled rayon out of a pill bottle and thought why not. I will walk by a big fluffy pile of cotton at work and just pause.


LMAO. That is funny.


Thanks Sparks :wink: :+1:


Thank you!! :smiley:


Cheers Tinman :wink:


Thank you! :+1: