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You know you're a vaper when


how about I rock out with my vape on…best I can do … :wink:


As long as it is not something else, we will be just fine.


@Pugs1970 “Congrats on surviving one more planetary solar cycle” - Charles Darwin


Thank you very much Mr Darc :wink:




Thanks man :wink:


You know you’re a VAPER when "You hear the RIVER of flavors flowing just around the corner. It’s rushing to overcome us like the rapids in the grand canyon


Your definitely a weirdo.


Oh and a vaper. Lol.


You know you’re a vaper when…

You get an uncontrollable urge to drop another $5 in a @Whiterose0818 raffle :four_leaf_clover:


Happy Birthday Paul, have a blast.


Instead of birthday cake … you clone a birthday cake liquid …


YKYAVW you own more rechargeable batteries than a swingers convention in Las Vegas


that is hilarious!


When people come over to my house and ask what is all the wire everywhere for?


You almost take a hit off your MP3 player. :flushed: It’s been a really long week.


I almost did it with my phone one time. I was so tired. I was like, where is the flavor. Looker down, DOH!!!


When you cannot find room on your vape table. To build coils, because you just got your new shipment in. My cup runneth over with vape supplies now. New years resolution is to organize better.


YKYAVW you see an ad for a company giving easter eggs to customers and this is what you think: ‘funny color that wicking’


YNYAVW when you start to seriously consider this…