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You know you're a vaper when


YKYAVW… You vape… :smirk:


A valid point there :grin:


That will come soon im sure of it, with special car venting and everything :laughing:


Take my money now!!!


You know when you seriuosly think about installing a pump in the car to keep rejuicing an rda. Not squonking.



Well that creature has a soft spot in my heart. I use its name sake everyday.

Shit he could be our mascot!!!

We so far have kept @GPC2012, @TheTinMan1, @Pugs1970, what’s another ugly mug in the group!!!


That picture gives me the heebie jeebies.


It’s cute man.


Do not like. Kill it with fire!!!


Well I will keep it and the next time you send me the fucked up bottles you know who will be weeping on your pillow.


I love those bottles! You have now sent almost all 50 of them back, filled. A good deal in my opinion. You ready for 50 more?


I got a bum fucking foot and cannot get to my fucking lab, and you ask if I want more? I know you want more. Have you gone through the shit I sent you?


Skully WTF are you talking about here, you mention me in a post that will have me scratchin my head for a week. Any idea what he’s up to rusty erum I mean tinman
@Skullblade789 You and @TheTinMan1 been hittn your pain meds a little hard this morning?


Old man, look at the picture if the mythical squonk!! Then read and then hopefully your rusty gear will fire enough to make out the equation 1+1=2.


You do realize I’m being very kind not taking this statement and really having some fun with it your anal inclined foot


Exactly what I mean I’m one handsome SOB so again I as WTF you talkin bout willis


ROFL, you looking in the fucking right mirror? Or is it rose colored?


Hey you forgot to put your nam among those individuals, don’t you belong there? :laughing:

Edit! I did it for you in this edit :laughing:


@Fenrir1 They’re still working on a new word for @Skullblade789 Ugly just don’t do the boy justice. You’ve heard the old adage a two bagger for when you’re not drunk enough. Well green peace got an injunction to prevent us from killing that many trees to cover him. It was great day for ecology and a sad day for those with eyes.

@Skullblade789 You now I love ya man. more than my luggage. :wink: