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Your favorite tools to make DIY easier


Starting out I fumbled with many ways to make, fill and transfer e-juice. Please share your favorite 3 or so tools that you use everyday. :grin:

( 2/6/18 Note: Feel free to add any great items for juice, coils and all things vaping. )

First is my trusty syringes with 14 gauge blunt tips from Ebay that cleanly fills, empties and transfers juice from bottles and tanks cleanly.

Second is my up to 60 ml mixing cup that seals tightly after I use my mini mixer without splatter. It’s best for mixing to transfer after steeping to larger bottles with syringe without drips down the sides of 30ml bottles.

And honorable mention for an off topic storing and using wire is the Beadalon Spool Tamer from Amazon, 15 your $15 and some change.

Please share your discoveries for the good of the order! :grin::grin::grin:




for VG/PG



For making spaced coils.


Great idea @craigtalley!!! I mainly mix directly into 30ml bottles and tho the pic is from volume days, i still use the silly foam mod packaging insert on the scale to keep me from knocking the bottle over.

built these atty stands that stick to the desk keeping it steady to build on (silicone ego holders and clearo bases)





Couldn’t do without this…


My favorite tool is this site and the awesome, although slightly dysfunctional, family here. It’s part of my daily life and has taught me much in the time I’ve been here…



It would have to be my rice cooker for gently warming my NET macerations when starting the process and my Aeropress when filtering the tobacco extraction. :grinning:


What do you use the colored labels for?


uh… I use labels to…uh… label stuff and things… mostly my recipes



lol… okay, I didn’t know you like marked creams with one color label and fruits with a different color (ingredients not the final mixes)… just curious is all… thx for the reply.


sorry, I was trying to be playful with sarcasm but its hard to get over a screen. nope, i use it to mark just about anything, its perfect to write on with a pen and they last pretty effectively a long time as long as they don’t get wet or etc. but 180ct is like 3-4 dollar i think.
I use it to mark my one shots concentrates that i make (ry4, jungle juice, milkstone) and then to mark my recipes in the following format

Juice name Date (MM/DD/YYYY)


Best mixing bottles I have found to date.

Scale I couldn’t live without …

If they stop making these I’m going to be in trouble…

Everything you need, nothing you don’t. 5 lighting colors to choose from. Don’t mix in the dark.

Have a lot of flavors, just buy a couple and thank me later…

Doesn’t have to be this vendor, but amber glass with polycone caps ONLY way to freeze NIC.

Mixing bigger, selling, don’t mind PET, cosmo rounds are great with twisty tops, amber is better…

Crappy vendor bottles, not air tight, leaking, sick of droppers for flavors, easy peasy alternative…


Selling, adds clean, professional look to your product. Thinner, easier to use, many sizes.

Easy peasy wireless label maker. Always use the tape rather than precut labels, different width tapes.

You SICK of stripping your grub screws because of CHEAP (included) allen keys, step up, never look back.


Very nice, and many I share as well!
Everyone is posting awesome stuff!


Thanks @craigtalley