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Your favorite tools to make DIY easier


Every day… I use baby wipes to wipe down my tanks after filling them. And my Opus bt 3100 for charging endless numbers of batteries.
Almost every day… I keep a bag of cotton bacon with a mini screwdriver tucked in it for rewicking on the fly in my kitchen.

And then… these aren’t mine… But Pugs has some stuff here that looks pretty sweet!


@VapeyMama I fell out of my chair HALF way through @Steampugs write up on the amalgamation vape station stuffs. I want it ALL !!!


Omg Ikr?!! #stuffsenvy


@craigtalley Crap, screwed that up, I was never good at math.


I missed that too, silly rules…ok

I cut up old cotton clothing, socks,shirts what not into small rags and do a load of vape rags every other week.


That’s very environmentally friendly of you and honestly…I wish I had your motivation! As it is…my vape cave is already halfway overtaken by baskets of clean laundry that nobody (including me…) ever seems to want to put away… One.more.load. just might push me over the edge… :joy:


Thks but environmentally friendly was kinda the after thought. Grabbing another roll of paper towels just seemed a waste to me and since rags coming from old clothing was always must. A few have found their way back to nature when the beagle likes the smell of the mix and it ends up in the yard. Spring leaf/rag clean up begins before the first mow and all are welcome to attend!


I put “or so” deliberately to encourage extra handy items.
The topic is really delivering items that are must haves like The American scale.


This tip is more valuable than just environmentally friendly.
Paper towels are not friendly to fine metal and plastic finishes. I’d say roughly on par with 600 up to 800 grit abrasive! If you ruined a screen or plated mod that way, like I have, you know this.

Wet wipes, Lysol wipes and worn out cotton clothes as rags are friendly to all the finishes of vaping equipment.


Three small plastic funnels I got from BCF.



Twist cap 500ml Bottles for VG (already mentioned above)
I have the bottle spares as the twist cap fitted just fine on the existing bottle of VG.

Milligram scales:

Also cheap clapton wire, as I spend my time wondering whether it is me or whether it is the coil :slight_smile: Sometimes it is the coil.


Can’t live without these: You can get various ml sizes, They are dirt cheap and super handy:
Topwel 2ml 5.3" /13.5cm Plastic Transfer Liquid Dropper Pasteur Pipettes Pack of 100

And I use these for my Centrifuge, but the are super handy for all kinds of chores like test mixing, again these are dirt cheap, they seal perfectly and are solvent safe.


Karter Scientific 208O2 Centrifuge Tubes, 15ml, 17x120mm, Blue Cap, No-Leak, Conical (Pack of 100)


so you wrap it in the threads , wow so smart gotta try this


Nice Light. I just ordered 3 for the family. On Sale for $22.49 right now.


for vaping and all day issues
lost it 50 times but always found it :smiley:

edit light function is not needed…


IIRC it was @MixedUp1 who came up with that idea. It is very smart indeed but not my smart :grinning:


Why does painter’s tape only come in blue?? I wish it came in pretty colors like duct tape.

EDIT: Not that blue isn’t a pretty color. I’m just the type of gal who likes a little variety.


There is a green one. Frogtape




Sad pandas…discourse doesn’t like tenor.