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Your favorite tools to make DIY easier


Zootopia one of my faves ( yes i watch more animation than anything )


Get plain ol’ painter’s maskiing tape and use a variety of sharpie colors ?


My local dollar store has painters tape in pink, green yellow and tiger stripe. Never seen it anywhere else.


$10.00 rotary dremel tool from Harbor Freight and drink stir straws from Meijer for frothing mixes.


an old hair putty container and a 510 adapter:


Throw some cotton and coils inside and I’m ready to go.


Reminds me to share his idea since ive made a few myself


ELR and members. I have ran into so many ideas for DIY success here purposely and by accident. This forum and everyone has been by far my favorite DIY tool. Being here is the most effective tool I have found that has made recipe creation so helpful and easier. Not to mention, a lot more fun while doing so.


Painters tape does come in at least green and beige.
I like what you are doing here and will use your technique.


That and medical tape that sticks really well but peels off with no residue. Great tip!


I agree, you only need the rod bit like a milk shake maker does to blend without a mess. I use the cheapo mini mixer from Wal-Mart.



One of my favorite tool sets is my various jewelers pliers and cutters dedicated to wire forming, like a round nose jaw for bending leads, curved tip for getting into tight places etc… They work so much better than tweezers.


The topic is open for all unique and uncommon diy vaping. Coil building, ejuice, maintenance etc.


Ain’t that the truth! A buck per foot for 24ga Kanthal at my LVS. 20 for 500 purchased direct.


My scales have been the most time-saving thing but everyone knows what they look like, so here are a couple of less common tools:

Nail varnish bottle holder to stop my 10ml tester bottles toppling off the scales :blush:

Nail varnish portable storage (double sided)

Handy capped spout (didn’t come from Dark Star btw)


Love the nail polish case, any source for buying? A quick amazon lookup brings me less suitable stuff.

Also, for the cap, I find the twist close ones even better!


I can’t find the exact one I bought but this one looks very similar:



Mixing or removing needle tops from PET bottles ?

Do you have a video for demo?


Is that for the crappy mods, tanks and rdas or for anyone wanting to “sample” your juice then criticize it?


Its how I grocery shop,