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Your No.1 Flavor Choices


ya i dont have many almost 300 which isnt much compared to others , but i cant remember unless it in my face when i have a bit more time ill do a better list


I hope I wasn’t being pushy… It did take nearly an hour to post mine.

Thanks for your contribution!


Okay, first off not here to shit on any parades or topics. NOT THE INTENT OF THIS POST!

I will say that I have noticed more in the way of stones than single flavors. So say for instance strawberry. There are so many strawberries out there. They can be good as single flavors, but combined. A whole nother ballgame. My favorite stone would be:


Then when the mix (meaning eliquid, not stone) is made, add 3 drops of MF STRAWBERRY. A strawberry of a whole nother world. Damn fine mix in my opinion.

Like I said, not here to ruin thread just open up ideas. I also do not want just one flavor to become the go to when there are so many flavor combos out there.


Stones are very welcomed. Whatever you like is all we ask… Thanks SB!


Ok. I ran through my flavor stash and simply made a list of things that are my “go to’s” on a regular basis. But all are used in combination with others so it’s hard for me to choose favorites. Just depends.
Sorry for the long list.

Apple Filling (Flavorah)
Bano (Banana) (FA)
Banana Nut Bread (TPA)
Blood Orange (FA)
Biscuit (Inawera)
Blueberry (FW)
Butterscotch Ripple (FW)
Caramel Cappuccino (SC) (Real Flavors)
Caramel Toffee (Hangsen
Catalan Cream (FA)
Cheesecake Graham (Purilum)
Chocolate Deutsch (Flavorah)
Cinnamon Ceylon (FA)
Cookie (Biscotto) (FA)
Country Apple (Purilum)
Cream Cheese Icing (LA)
Cream Fresh (FA)
Coconut (FA)
Custard (FA)
Custard (Inawera)
Frosting (Flavorah)
Hazelnut (FW
Key Lime (TPA)
MF Lemon
Lemon Lime (Cap)
Lemon Sicily (FA)
Marshmallow (FA)
Meringue (FA)
New York Cheesecake (Purilum)
Peach (FA)
Peanut Butter (Flavorah)
Pear (FA)
Royal Orange Juice (FA)
Sweet Cream (Flavorah)
Sweet Coconut (Flavorah)
Vanilla (Hangsen)
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB)
Vanilla Pudding (Flavorah)
Vanilla Tahity (FA)
Vienna Cream (FA)


This just might come together. Already there are some flavors that more than 1 member agree on. Thanks for posting.


butter for vapey? who would h ave thought hehe


If i put a slash they are either used together or i choose one based on desired profile. I often combine more than two sometimes 4 or 5 or more of (ie grape) flavorings in one mix, but will limit to 1 or 2 most used of each flavor type.

My go to flavors:

Mango: EF yellow mango/ NR (goldeneye
Grape: RF SC Grape/ Grape SC
Green Apple: EF/NV(Nic Vape)
Vanilla custard: RF SC
Grapefruit: INW White Grapefruit/ FW ruby red
Bavarian cream: RF SC/ TFA
Cheesecake: Purilum/ LOR
Fresh Cream: LB/FA
Whipped cream: FW/SC
Meringue: FA / TFA
Sugar Cookie: CAP/SF (Simply Flavor)
Blueberry: EF/ON (olive nation)
Banana: FA/PUR
Pineapple: INW/ RF SC
Red Apple: OOO/ NV
Yellow cake: JF (jungle flavors)
Vanilla cupcake: TFA/FW
Blackberry: LOR/VZ (Vaping Zone)
Cotton candy: PUR/ FR (Flavor revolution)
Milk: OOO Milky undertone/ NV
Chocolate: RF VG
Pie crust: NV
Biscuit: JF
Cookie: GF (German Flavors)
Peach: FA
White peach: FA/ PUR
Tea: FLV sweet tea/ RF SC Lemon tea
Lemon: NV/ INW
Lime: INW
Honeydew: RF SC/ CAP
Brown sugar: NF/ RF SC
Cantaloupe: FW/NV
Cherry: INW cherries/ VZ sweet cherry
Bubblegum: FW/NV


I think my challenge is the tool box. My flavor stash is full of fa flv inw mf…and very few tpa and cap and rf. Out of 200 maybe 20 fall in the cap/tpa/rf category.

My go to is 180 flavors. Each have their purpose.

Maybe we should post our one offs. Like vanilla ice cream lb or strawberry milk rf sc as good one off flavors. Etc.


It’s actually an open format to whatever flavors you want to post. I don’t want to place any restrictions as to what a person want to post.


FLV Frosting
INW Custard
INW Strawberry Shisha
FA Butter
FA Cream Fresh
FA Whipped Cream
FA Marshmallow
INW Biscuit
TPA French Vanilla Deluxe

That’s off the top of my head :grin:


RY4 double TFA
Cotton Candy TFA (EM 10%)
Acetyl pyrazine
Black Honey TFA
Butterscotch Ripple FW
Brown Sugar TFA
Cheescake (Graham Crust ) TFA
This is my first choices, I have open flavor stash if you like to see the rest.


Just a few of flavors I use A LOT of:
Shisha Vanilla: INW
Shisha Strawberry: INW
Shisha Orange: INW
Vanilla for Pipe: INW
Sweet Cream: TFA
Bavarian Cream: TFA
Caramel (original) : TFA
Vanilla Cup Cake: TFA
Strawberry (ripe): TFA
Yellow Cake : FW
Marshmallow: FW
Cake Batter: CAP
Vanilla Custard v1: CAP
Caramel : FA
Lemon Sicily: FA
Vanilla Ice Cream: LB
Cream : LB


Creams -

LB - Cream
LB - Vanilla Ice Cream (!!!)
LOR - Bavarian Cream
FA - Vienna Cream
FA - Catalan Cream
FLV - Vanilla Custard
Hangsen - Italian Cream
INW - Custard
RF - Condensed Milk
RF - Milk
TPA - Dulce de Leche
TPA - Cheesecake (Graham Crust)

Fruits -

FLV - Peach
FLV - Banana
FLV - Cantaloupe
FLV - Lime
INW - Shisha Strawberry
INW - Banana
INW - Peach
TPA - Strawberry (Ripe)
FA - Blackberry
CAP - Blackberry
MF - Honeydew
MF - Watermelon
MF - Cantaloupe
MF - Lemon
MF - Red Apple
MF - Grapefruit
MF - Mandarin
RF - Honeydew
RF - Peach
RF - Pineapple
RF - Yumberry

Floral -
INW - Cactus
CAP - Hibiscus
TPA - Cherry Blossom
TPA - Jasmine
FLV - Elderflower
FA - Ylang Ylang

Misc -

CAP - Toasted Almond
TPA - Kettle Corn
FA - Soho
FLV - Cured Tobacco, Red Burley, Kentucky Blend
Purilum - Watermelon Cotton Candy

Mentionable combos -

3% CAP Blackberry with 0.5% FA Blackberry
3.5% FW Blueberry with 0.5% FA Bilberry
4% Cap Sugar Cookie with 1% INW Biscuit
4% LB Vanilla Ice Cream with 1.5% FA Vienna Cream
2.5% LOR Bavarian Cream with 4% CAP Vanilla Custard V1

Edit - I can’t believe I forgot. DIYFS Holy Vanilla. This has pretty much replaced MF Vanilla for me. Only because I use a TON of vanilla and find HV to be virtually equal - and much less expensive.


Here is my list of favorites :yum:

All Shisha flavors - Inawera
Blood Orange and Apple Fuji - Flavouart
Dark Chocolate - Medicine Flower
Vanilla Ice Cream - Liquid Barn
Cream - Flavorah
RY4 Double - Perfumers Apprentice
Butterscotch Ripple - Flavor West


Kettle corn - TPA
VC 1 - Cap
Cream cheese icing - LA
Cheesecake - LA
Shisha Lemon - Inw
Shisha Strawberry - Inw
Red touch - FA
Cereal 27 - Cap
Polar blast - FA
Lemon Sicily - FA
Meringue - FA
Marshmallow - FW
biscotti - FA
Sugar Cookie - Cap
Graham cracker clear - TPA
Joy - FA
Milky undertones- OOO
Cornish Cream Tea - FA
Hangsen- Italian Cream

After all this time and all the concentrates I’ve tried I still go to the above more than any others…you like what you like I guess


Was unaware of the existence of said flavor…
Just to confirm did you mean FLV?


I think he means this, also known as FA Cookie


not at all :slight_smile:


juicy peach tfa
strawberry ripe tfa
ry4d tfa
Fuji apple fa
golden pineapple fa
raspberry v2 fa
gummy candy tfa
citrus punch tfa
sour tfa
cookie biscotti
honey fa
Extreme ice
jungle juice

^probably my most common use flavors