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Your No.1 Flavor Choices


I couldn’t agree more. Most of time it’s a toss up when using either one for me. Sometimes it all depend if I’m mixing a fruit or bakery recipe.


Sugar cookie (Cap)
Cheesecake graham crust (Cap)
Strawberry ripe (FA)
Berry Crunch Cereal (TPA)
Fruit rings (FW)
Vanilla custard (flavorah)
Creme Brulee (INW)
Fruit circles (Cap Silverline)
Vanilla Sish (INW)
Vanilla Swirl (TPA)
Hazelnut (FW)
Bavarian cream (TPA)
Milk and Honey (Flavorah)
Super sweet (Cap)
Apple Pie (FA)
Lemon Sicily (FA)
Lemonade (Flavorah)
Fuji (FA)
Brown sugar (TPA)
Meringue (FA)
Marshmallow (FA)
Yellow Cake (FW)
Raspberry (TPA)
Just a few of “THE” ones.


I really wanted to participate in this thread, but to be honest I am a horrible mixer. I did see this flavor pop up in the last few post so I thought I would add it in there too.

FA Fuji Apple

It has been a go to flavor for me for as long I’ve been mixing. Love it.

Also would add
Koolada-laughing at this one but I buy it in 4oz quantities
RFSC Strawberry
RFSC Yumberry


Yeah I meant Biscotto lol…typing on a tiny phone with one eye open and half asleep lmao …


I’m assuming you like one of those vanillas better for fruit and one better for bakeries then? Which is which?


Here’s a few of the flavors I always find myself reaching for first.








This one scared me so I stopped using it. :frowning:


Scared how? It’s one I really like (for now anyway?)


“Contains a form of sugar. Sugar can caramelize and even burn at low temps, and produce toxins and suspected carcinogens.”
Source: http://juic.org/flavors/concerning-flavors/

I’m guessing this :point_up_2: is what SM means. That’s why I won’t use it anyway. Some people still do, and that’s cool - to each their own :grin:


Thanks. Still must be profoundly less harmful than analogs anyway.


There are very good “cooks” here to mix flavors, why not create an ELR recipe?
One could create a topic is each one introduces an ingredient in the recipe!
É we do not get a good recipe, at least let’s have fun … It’s just an idea! :blush:


We’ve got a thread for that! :wink:

You should start a new mix there!


Inawera Cactus is a must have in anyone’s stash.
Flavorah Creme de Menthe
Inawera Blackcurrant
Flavor Art Juicy Strawberry
These are my go to flavours just now but it would be impossble to list them all as it can change from day to day, week to week, recipe by recipe.
Some flavours I like or rate will equally be a flavour someone hates!


You’re correct… It’s not a solid rule because as @SthrnMixer said these 2 are very close and interchangeable. I do prefer the MF with fruits and the DIYFS for bakeries. I do find the MF to be more concentrated and use it more often though.


Ms @Lolly said it right. My replacement for this is Purilum Yellow Cake.


I really need to get that one soon - i use


Same here… I sometimes pair it with Pound Cake FLV. It works, but to be honest I really enjoyed Yellow Cake FW more… It’s ashamed that it contains sugars, so I stopped using it. I’m kinda conflicted about the health concerns of FW YC, but it’s also a coil gunker.

I need to go and read the notes on this one.


Why did it scare you?


PUR and NIC River flavors really do have some good stand alone flavors. STRAWBERRY Biscuit combined with CREAM Dream is very good. Also add the MF STRAWBERRY and that is damn fine.


I have this one and about 3 more. I haven’t got around to testing them yet. I’ll keep adding a little MF in mind… Thanks SB!