120mls of flavor from closed business

This guys posted 6 times now on reddit selling 120mls of flavors for fairly cheap, some a few $ less then we can get at our regular suppliers some quite a bit less. I’ve never ordered from him so idk personally about the legitimacy of it but looking at his other posts lots have bought from him some multiple times. He still has a decent selection left.

His buddies shop closed and he’s helping him move the rest of the inventory is the long and short of the story. Prices are listed by brand or specific flavor and shipping isn’t included.


Wow, that’s basically 120ml of concentrate for the price of 30ml (+shipping). Very good deal, nice catch



Thanks for sharing this! This is a great deal!!

I just ordered two bottles. Came to $17.00 with shipping to Oklahoma. Very nice price.

He did say that it may take a bit of time because it’s just him doing this and he’s gotten a lot of orders.

All of the comments from past orders and on his previous threads are all positive. Good packaging and pretty quick shipping, they say.

He said he’d get it hopefully out by Friday.

I’ll update when he gets me the tracking info.


Glad you took advantage of it. Yeah it seemed like quite a few people were very happy with him


Thanks @Gsnap

From 2 days ago:

Posted byu/xijtix
2 days ago
Flavor Concentrates Sale Round

Hey all, I still get messages about flavorings and meant to post again but I got busy. If anyone still wants flavors I can still go into my work place. Flavors will be put into 120ml blue chubby style bottles and shipping is not included. Turn around time is going to be a bit slower though because of the current situation. I am going to increase the price from my previous post a little to cover for the cost of fuel. Paypal or Venmo and if you have any questions feel free to ask, thanks!

USPS shipping costs:

1st class 1-2 bottles, shipping cost varies depending on location but should be under $6

Padded flat rate envelope 3-10 bottles $8.40

Medium flat rate box 11-36 bottles $15.05

Capella - 7

Blueberry Jam 
Butter Cream 
Glazed Doughnut
Golden Pineapple
Graham Cracker
Harvest Berry
Italian Lemon Sicily
Juicy Peach
Peach w/ Stevia
RF Energy Drink 
Simply Vanilla 
Sweet Mango 
Super Sweet 
Sweet Tangerine 
Vanilla Custard V2 
Yellow Peach 

Flavour Art

Fuji Apple 9.50 
Cocco/Coconut 9.50 
Cowboy 12.50 
Grapefruit 9.50 
Juicy Strawberry 9.50 
Kiwi 9.50 
Marshmallow 9.50 
Meringue 9.50 
Passion Fruit 9.50 
Peach White 9.50 
Pineapple 9.50 
Raspberry 9.50 
Strawberry 9.50 
Spearmint 9.50 
Sour Wizard 9.50 
Watermelon 9.50 
wOw 6.50 
Yogurt 9.50 
Zeppola 12.50

Flavor West

Blueberry 3.50 
Butterscotch 4.50 
Candy Watermelon 3.50 
Dulce De Leche 5 
Flavor Toner/Enhancer 4.50 
Green Goblin 4.50 
Kool Effects 7.50 
Sweet Tarts 4.50 
Yellow Cake 4.50 
Yogurt 3.75 

OOO - 7.50
Chocolate Milk
Lemon Lime Up Soda
Marshmallow (Vanilla)
Strawberry (Milk)
Sugar Butter Cookie
Vanilla Ice Cream Blend III


Acetyl Pyrazine 7 
Apple 3.50 
Apple Candy 4 
Apple Pie 4 
Bavarian Cream 3.50 
Black Currant 7.50 
Blueberry Extra 3.50 
Caramel 3 
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) 4 
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie 3.50 
Citrus Punch 3 
Cocoa Rounds 6.50 
Dairy Milk 3 
Dragon Fruit 3 
Dulce de Leche 4 
Dulce de Leche Caramel 4 
DX Peachy 4 
Fruit Circles 3.50 
Fruit Circles with Milk 3 
Green Apple 4 
Honeydew 9 
Jackfruit 4.50 
Koolada 5 
Lemon 3 
Mint Candy 4 
Peach(Juicy) 3.50 
Pear Candy 3.50 
Philippine Mango 3.50 
Pie Crust 4 
Raspberry (Sweet) 3.50 
Strawberry Ripe 4 
Sweet Tea 4 
Sweet and Tart 3.50 
Sour 3 
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 4 
Vanilla Swirl 4 
Vanilla Custard 4.50 
Western 5 
Watermelon Candy 4


Boysen Berry 12

Nicotine River

Strawberry Biscuit 6.50


Part of me knows I don’t “need” anything but another part knows it’s a good deal. The other part is thinking to get the best value I may as well get 10 bottles because only picking 2 is difficult. Need to inventory my excess flavors which dosen’t sound fun.


Yes, it’s a vicious circle…more flavors require more RDA … more RDA require more mods… more mods require more flavors

But, it’s for a good cause, the guy is going out of business. Better he gets a handful dollars from us than selling it for much less to a reseller who gains from his closure.


Since I don’t know all the flavors, maybe someone of the experienced mixers can post a short answer which 5 of the flavors she/he would recommend.
I have already 4 in mind.


@SteveTC it’s hard to recommend to others, due to varying tastes, but the following I use a lot of:

FA Marshmallow, Meringue
CAP Graham Cracker, Blueberry Jam
OOO Strawberry Milk
TPA Bavarian Cream, Cheesecake Graham Crust, Dairy/Milk, Strawberry Ripe, Vanilla Custard


Still need a few elder dragons. Don’t forget about batteries lol.

Zeppola, WoW, marshmallow vanilla, strawberry biscuit, fuji apple, harvest berry.

If you’re into fruits jackfruit and dragon fruit are good. Jackfruit isn’t for everyone though but imo it’s delicious when used rite.


Hi all, i tried getting flavours here, he was too helpful, did everything he could to help me but the excange rate here in phillippines was just too much for me. Have a look and help him out, 120 ml for from 3.50 to 12.50. He tried to help me and this is my 2 cents worth to help him.


So you’re saying flavor concentrates are even cheaper than that in the Philippines? :astonished:
Exchange rate is just a conversion, like going from metric to imperial system… that shouldn’t make a product any cheaper or more expensive (except perhaps for the minimal cost the exchanger would charge).

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If i send 1 cent on PayPal im charged 3 cents australian, if i send 10 cents then its 33 cents australian so by the time I send $70 US you work it out.

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Who said anything about flavours being cheaper here, stop talking to people like they are stupid, you make yourself look bad.

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I received an email, yesterday with a tracking number! Yay! My concentrates are on the way!


I got my tracking number today. :grinning:


Getting more tempted to get some myself


I originally bought 5 bottles. Didn’t take long for them to arrive. All arrived safely. Ordered 3 more yesterday. The guy, posting on behalf of his friend, is a pleasure to deal with, and definitely legit. If he has flavors you want, this is an amazing deal.


How do you contact him?


You can post on his Reddit post and he’ll contact you via private message.