200 watt mods vs lower watt mods

Really quick when i first started buying higher end mods itvwas all about the 200watt mods for me i figured a 200watt kanger was better than the 120 more power right ?? heres the question if i dont vape higher than 75 watts does a 200 watt mod even matter and why if it does ??? i have the kbox 120 and the 200 actually my fiance has the 120 lol but i see no difference

With updated firmware my Cuboid is now 200W (2X 18650). What I found is the more expensive mods have better electronics and that means better Temperature Control. Single battery mods don’t seem to manage TC worth a damn and I’m certain it has to do with the single batt and the lower end electronics …especially my original KBOX Nano …TC was a joke. Witht he highest firmware my Cuboid removed all TC options and replaced with “Smart Mode” which at first made me really angry …now it’s all I use …because it’s always perfect

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Yea what @BoDarc said and I prefer a mod with two batteries so only need to change once every couple days.

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Imo the watts of a mod don’t effect the performance of a mod really. Yet i do believe large mods with high watts are what’s popular atm. So companies are focussing on those products specifically and the performance reflects that in general. I don’t feel that watts or batteries have much to do with this specifically.

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so if im just using watts than to me it doesnt make a difference?

just for comparison the k120 and 200 both have two batteries so why go with the 200 rather than the 120 again if im only vaping 75watts and lower

im not trying to argue im trying to understand

My point was the circuitry you get with a new mod and there are single battery mods with improved electronics. I rarely go over 36W but my KBOX couldn’t deliver Temp control and it went up to 60W …but couldn’t run a ceramic coil (from Kangertech!). I’m using my Kanger Mini atomizer right now on my Joytech Cuboid with Kanger ceramic coils …perfect

@skiball thats my opinion as well i just got the wismec realeaux 75 its a great little vape i also have the 200 and it just seems the power is what people are looking for

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that’s cool. I might even get another newer single battery mod because I just like something smaller I can put in my pocket (cuboid Stainless is heavy) and the Wismec 75 would top the list

if you get the kit it comes with the mini amor tank its a really cool vape Vape NW has it for like 40 bucks or less and its authentic at the local vape store they want 125 unreal

Holy cr@p dude it’s 29.99

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Ya with your comparison of kbox 120 vs 200 they really are the same product. They both came out at the same time and a company isn’t going to come out with two totally different boards in that instance. It just wouldn’t be cost effective. So for that product and they way you use it It’s the same. I haven’t really checked out much on the rx75 so can’t say much about it vs the rx200. But yes bigger and more power is the american way lol.

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thats only for the mod bro its an extra 10 for the entire kit

@BoDarc you havent used them all of there products are legit as well

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Denied~ :wink:

you could get the rx200 for 39.99

Denied ??? i dont get it

denied the low price deal… I’m just being goofy. It said “kit” …I didn’t click the dropdown… on the RX200? I would like something smaller lighter (portability) I liked the KBOX 60 for it’s lightweight but the paint on zinc didn’t wear well either disappointed whe I tried to TC anything

i guess im not getting what your trying to say