2015 - Best Of

This has to be one of the biggest years in all of Vapedom. The devices, the toppers, advances in Temp Control and an ever improving community of mixologists here at ELR. So I want to hear from everyone. What do you think is the best of the best that you tried in 2015? And which of your public mixes would you put at the top? If it’s not public and you decide to make it public, well I’m all giddy to see it! I’ll kick it off. But if you want to keep it private yet share it here, that’s good too.

Best Device - DNA 200! I won’t say one mod or the other because they’re all basically the same. The Reuleaux would take top spot if I had to pick, but only due to replaceable batteries. I don’t take mine out anyway so that’s a wash. These boards are just fantastic. Temp Control function second to none. Power for days. Long battery life. Solid performance.

Best RDA - Velocity. I only have the cloned version but it’s just fantastic.

Best RTA - While I wanted it to be the Aromamizer, I also had to be honest with myself. I love the flavor and ease of build of the Aromamizer, but the TFV4 wins on versatility. Flavor may be edged out slightly by the Aromamizer, but the performance of the TFV4 with the TF-R2 combined with almost identical flavor makes it a better RTA.

Best single battery mod - hands down the Joyetech eVic VTC Mini. Joyetech outdid themselves with this little mod. It’s like the best of the best VW/TC shrunk down to a size that is perfect for those with small hands, but feels very nice and comfortable for we who have large hands. I can’t say enough good things about this mod, and with the recent update allowing user input of TCoR settings, well it shot right past a lot of other more expensive mods.

Best Flavoring company - without a doubt Flavorah has been the most fantastic flavor maker this year. Price is good, but flavors are fantastic. With few exceptions, Flavorah’s flavor lineup is very delicious and concentrated for low-volume mixing. This company is poised to take a huge portion of market share for professional and hobbyist mixers alike. Don’t own any Flavorah flavors, well what are you waiting for?

Best personal mix. I’ve made some decent juices this year. But one of my creations I return to time and again is Monkey Nuts. I got so lucky with this one having mixed it and making no changes. Some people say add some TPA Peanut Butter and it’s even better. I don’t have any but want to try that eventually. This was a close second to my German Chocolate Cake made recently. I’ve been vaping this one to death!

Best ELR Member recipe - here’s a hard one. I don’t have a clue because I’ve found so many. I absolutely love many and thank everyone who shares their creations. I think though I’d have to say there are 4 recipes tied with first. But I’m sure there are others out there just as good that I haven’t tried yet. So alphabetically by recipe name, the four I think are the bomb are Banudding Cake, Bust-A-Nut, Rhaegal’s Thorn and (Flavorah) Exotic Peach Yogurt v2 Gmix

Now what do you have to share? Give us what you think is the best of the best of 2015. It can be anything. Best accessory, best juice vendor, just let us know what you find on the top shelf.


I think best of for assessorie/tank would be the uwell crown tank.

As for recipies. I think all are great. And really just wanted to say thanks. So many great recipies to start my diy adventure and have learned so much. Everything I have come across from this site has allowed me to make my mixes with limited supplies but make appropriate flavor switches to obtain a close mix that has surely been excellent…I guess it would be called inspiring database for mixing…which wouldn’t be available with all your great contributions.


Good afternoon my friends, to start this off for me.
The best macanical mod I’ve ever used is a OG REPUBLIC 26650 copper mod.

The DNA200 hands down one of the best temp control and tweekers choice. Of course the wismec dna200 is the only one i could afford, so i can’t say anything about the other dna200 mods.
The other temp control mod is the wismec RX200 mod is great as well.

RDA. Hands down for me was the Kennedy V2.
RTA steam crave with the viscosity deck is a awesome tank. And but the crown would follow in 2nd for me.

I don’t sell my juice, but i do give some away. And my rabbit milk seams to be a winner. Then i got a blueberry custard thats really awesome. I got some from rigling thats just awesome as well.


Best Device - I don’t have my first DNA 200 mod yet but I will soon enough. For me, my best mod is my iPV 3 Li. The temp control is nice and I haven’t had a single problem with it yet. Coming in second is my Sigelei 150w regulated mod. People laugh at me when I call it my beater. Because it is my carry around mod. It’s been dropped, abused, and put through hell and it’s been a real trooper.

Best RDA - Velocity. Hands down.

Best RTA - I am right with SthrnMixer on this one. I love my Aromamizer sooo much I want it to be my clear first choice. But my TFV4 gets used 10 times more than any other RTA in my arsenal. If I were to judge based on build quality, I would have to hand that one to the Aromamizer. It is one of the best designs out there, and the machining is second to none that I have seen.

Best single battery mod - I have only owned a few. But I have to say I absolutely love my iPV D2. It is so comfortable, especially with the Goblin mini atop it. Temp control works flawlessly and I don’t have a single con to say about it. But I am fairly new to TC so I don’t have much experience with any others. My next mod of this type will be the SX Mini.

Best Flavoring company - Flavorah would be my choice here as well as an all around good bunch of flavors, with Flavourart coming in a very close second by shear volume of flavors available. Inawera is right up there as well with their Shisha line of flavors. If I had to pick one flavor to vape the rest of my life I would have no problem at all choosing Shisha Strawberry. And I would probably miss Shisha Vanilla most out of all the ones I couldn’t have.

Best personal mix - Shenan•Agains is a current favorite of mine. My friends love it as well. But just like food, I don’t really have a favorite. I don’t crave the same thing daily so I vape different juices daily. I have 3 other juices I am very proud of for different reasons. They are Banerry Gookie - This is one I made on the fly here in a thread and it turned out great, Welch’s Revenge - My all time favorite pure fruit vape. And Banerry Custard Goo - I just made this today and I am guessing this will be my best recipe yet.

Best ELR Member recipe - I have made a few on here and they have all been 5 stars. @Alisa sent me some of her Bust-A-Nut and my god that stuff is good. I just don’t have all the flavors to make it yet. @daath’s Smooth Morning Kick is one I will be making lots of (250ml steeping right now). And I could go on and on about all of the juices @DarthVapor sent me in our gift exchange. But I have to say @DarthVapor’s Floating Island is my favorite of all that I have tasted and made. Mostly because it is just damn good. I could vape it every day for a year, as evident by the 8oz bottle I just made of it. But looking forward, it is in a way similar to the Unicorn Milk base that everyone seems to love. Not in flavor by any means. But in the way it could be used. In my opinion this cream based flavor blows Unicorn Milk completely out of the mixing bowl and out of the lab. I can see it becoming a base for many many recipes to come. If you haven’t tried it - it is a must try recipe.

Nice thread!


Best Mod:
Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200. I have several other temp control devices that are great, but the batteries and the chip make the RooLoh the champ IMO. First only to the Joytech EVIC VTC Mini for its function and small size.

Best RDA Velocity. It just works and works very well. Most current RTA’s are built with a Velocity style deck. That should in itself speak volumes. Pick your clone.

Best RTA This is a tough one because several came out that are simply amazing. I don’t have a Griffin, but it didn’t make release till late in the year, that is on Geek Vapes. So the Crius for me, wins hands down.

Best Sub-Ohm tank. I don’t have a TFV4 so the Crown wins with its RBA and the stocker coils are damned good.

Best original ELR e-juice recipe. For me it’s Alisa’s Bust-a-Nut http://tjek.nu/r/LEA followed by Strawberry Mojito by Vicious Vaper http://tjek.nu/r/Qf5. I vape both of those like a MAD MAN!


This is a very easy one for me

The folks here on ELR


This 6 mil steam crave Aromamizer with the vilocity deck is the shit on this rx200


Ditto @wvsanta . Best thing I did for myself was join ELR and participate.

tank - TFV4
mod - rx200 (although I love my evic Vt too)
rda - Have only had 3, but my favorite right now is the Phenotype - L
Best original ELR ejuice recipe: I love vantastic’s KOPIKO - Coffee Candy Drops


Don’t have a DNA so I have to go with the RX200. Works beautifully with Kanthal, Ti and SS. Looong battery life as well.

Best RDA (surprise!) Velocity

I’m behind in the RTA deparment so I’ll have to settle for my TFV4 mini.

Best ejuice mix by a member is a bit hard as there are sooo many to choose from. I based my decision on which one I come back to time and time again and I have to go with Tribeca by @jimk. Absolutely delicious.

I appreciate all of you guys and gals. Without you all, I’d be back on the cigarettes. Thanks for extending the heart and lungs for a little longer. I honestly could not have done it without you.


Best stuff hmmmm…
Joining ELR
Mod- hcigar vt200
Honourable mention reauleaux
Tank- crown
Rda -for fun- twisted messes
-for flavour- marquis- bought in 2015 does that count…lol


Best vaping thing I have done this year was to join ELR and start DIYing!!!

Best Mod - I only have three, an eleaf 100w istick, a sigelei 75w TC, and a Koopor Plus 200w TC, but out of those three, it is the Koopor

Best RTA - TFV4 with the TF-R2

Best Recipe of my own would be


Ingredient %
Fuji Apple (FA) 4
Key Lime 2
Marshmallow (TPA) 2
Pear Candy (TPA) 3
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 6

Flavor total: 17%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

Best Recipe of ELR member - there are so many, but if I had to pick one it would be

Strawberry Cheesecakeshake (SthrnMixer Original)

Ingredient %
Cheesecake (LA) 3
Marshmallow (TPA) 3
Strawberries and Cream (CAP) 5
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 5
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 4

Flavor total: 20%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

Thank you all for the great recipes and tips this year! I am looking forward to even better ones next year!


tank- mutation x mt. dont have it but really only thing i have been interested in outside of the rta i have.
rda- all these new geni styled dripper tanks. im done with rda’s
Mod- RX200/cuboid. dont have ethier but they make me regret getting a vtc mini a few weeks ago after my istick 50 died
Best ELR recipe: Havent tried any yet, flavour totals seems high doeeeee

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Oh man, so much has happened in my vape world this year. I found this amazing community which inspired me to take my DIY game to a whole new level and switch from an eGo and a clearomizer to a box mod, drippers, and subohm tanks. As many others have already said, ELR is definitely the best thing of 2015. But, here’s some of my other favorite things. :wink:

Best Mod: Gotta say my eVic VTC mini. I loved my first box, Dovpo TC-50, and always will, but this things just so great.
Best Tank: ATM I only have a Subtank Mini and a Crown so I guess I gotta go with the crown. It gets the most usage now. With the Goblin mini and Aromamizer on the way, that may change.
Best Dripper: My Magma clone. Followed by my only other dripper, Tobecco Plume Veil 1.5 clone. I have a velocity on the way, so this may change, too.
Best Personal Recipe: Toss up between Peach Rings and Strawbiscus Green Tea
Best ELR Member Recipe: Too many to choose just one. @SthrnMixer’s Strawberry Cheesecakeshake is the first real shake and vape I’ve had and it’s one I will always go back to. @Jimk’s Bees Knees and Seven Leaves opened me up to the possibility of enjoying tobacco vapes, @RocketPuppy’s RY4 made mine obsolete, @DarthVapor’s caramel banana macchiato and @Daath’s Smooth Morning Kick are my two favorite coffee vapes, @Alisa’s Bust a Nut and Dark Cocoa Custard rock my world, and @LordVapor’s Twixted Nutty Bliss is guilt-free sweetness. I could go on forever. There are so many talented mixers here and so many recipes I just can’t wait to try. I’m so looking forward to doing just that in 2016 as well as working on my own creations.


Many of us were already using Lars’s calculator before the forum kicked off. That’s when I turned a major corner. How long was the calculator around before you started the forum @daath? Whenever that was is when I found a real vape family.

I’m really diggin’ everyone’s responses. Big year wasn’t it? :slight_smile:


I will say the community as a whole is the best of the best ! we genuinely like to discuss and we keep it civil even in if we disagree. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to of met so many nice ppl from around the globe.

I think the best tank for me would be the kanger nano and mini. I have the crown and it is awesome but still too breezy for me.

The best flavor company for me would be Flavorah

I have enjoyed so many different ppl’s fantastic mixes this year ! I wouldn’t want to leave anyone out. Off the top of my head @DarthVapor The taro card and @SthrnMixer Monkey nuts, Sb cz cake. @Ken_O_Where Sb nana custard @BLAX poptart 5 , Robin’s honey peary clone. @therabidweasel pearvana ! @Oldmeat123 Benny’s breakfast and Basso’s bananas ! I am sure I am leaving many out not intending too.

For me I had a personal victory in such a way I turned what I thought was going to surely end me vaping into something positive. I became sensitive to Pg over the summer and I thought here we go I’m done… this pushed me to use very lil pg and I started mixing max vg and while I am only a good 5 months into this newer style of mixing for me I have come to really appreciate less is more. I love so many vg based options are coming out on the market.

Thank you @daath for providing such an amazing forum/ calculator and inviting us all here ! Kudos buddy :smile:


I can imagine that many people here feel the same about you, i know i do!

I second this, best site on all the interwebz!


I would like it if you would program site to make only what flavours I have.

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If you have entered all your flavorings have you tried the what i can make button? Seems to work well but i have only entered a small number of my flavorings.


Only a few months into this journey but I am learning quickly (Thanks to ELR, @daath and all the great vape-family here :smile:) and trying everything I can get my hands on. I don’t have the product exposure or blend experience that some of the pros here have but I’m working on it and consuming every piece of info I can find. Anyways, here goes a noobs view…

Best of 2015: This is a tie for first place… Finding the ELR community and finally telling big tobacco that they can take their cancer sticks and shove’em far, FAR up their 455es!!!

Best Mod: Another tie, iPV D2 and Vaporesso Target
Tried: iStick 50W, iStick 100W, iPV D2 and Target
I like the single 18650 mods, they fit perfectly in that little mini pocket on jeans. Plus the Vaporesso Target has a very cool pistol-grip…

Best Tank: Horizon Arctic with 0.5ohm dual-coil
Tried: Arctic, Target cCell, Crown and Herakles (I agree with @Amy2 on this one, draw is too loose, even with adjustable closure, maybe it’s the coil ID but never could find a good draw resistance with Crown or Herakles)

Best RDA: Velocity (highest recommended and easy to build on)
Tried: Velocity (just starting on rolling my own coils)

Best RTA: Griffin (don’t have it yet but gimmie a couple weeks, lol)
Tried: none

Best Flavor Co.: Flavour Art (high concentrate and tastes like the bottle says)
**Tried:**FW, TFA, LA, INW, FA and CAP

Best ELR Member Recipe: Spot on Boosted by deftonerdad (Deeeelicious! Had to dial back the strawberry due to my low tolerance for acidity but I ADV this recipe)
**Tried:**I’ve only tried a handful so far but have several recipes ear-marked for the future :yum:


All I can say is finding you guys. This is a crazy interesting group of people and @daath has created a lot more than a kick but recipe calculator and site.

I love the discourse and the infrequent but ridiculously civil disagreements. You guys give me hope for the species. This isn’t hyperbole, I don’t feel we’re meeting our responsibilities on the whole.

Anyway, I want to welcome the noobs and those from other lands and I hope you’ll all be part of the positive discourse adding to the collective knowledge. You are welcome here, just jump right in!

I am really pleased to find such a respectable forum and group of people. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get together and meet in meat space? I could see a convention with vendors and what not. I’d love to meet all of you.