3 flavors you must never run out of!

List your “must have” 3 flavors that you cannot live with out

Mine are as follows,

Yellow Cake FW
Bavarian Cream FW
Strawberry Ripe TPA

One of these three flavors normally end up in about 50% of my mixes. Put all three together and they make a great vape.
Yellow Cake 2%
Bavarian 4%
Strawberry Ripe 8%


Vanilla custard capella
Cake batter

They are mine lol this should be a good post this


Caramel (Original) TPA
Bavarian Cream FW
Hazelnut FW


Acetyl Propionyl, Acetoin, Diacetyl…

Haha kidding. Um, this is tough. These are the three flavors that are completely irreplaceable for me:
Acetyl Pyrazine/Cookie (FA) - one or the other (or both) is used in almost every one of my fav recipes
RY4 Double (TPA)
Green Tea (TPA)
Honorable mention - Coconut (Capella). The only reason this didn’t push Green Tea out of 3rd is because Inawera makes a pretty good coconut and Delosi could be a legit replacement.


1.(Capella) Custard v1
2.(TPA) RY4 Double
3.(Flavor West) Yellow Cake
Honorable mentions go to (Inawera) Shisha Strawberry and (Flavorah) Rich Cinnamon.


Vanilla Custard v1 (Cap)
Cream Fresh (FA)
Vienna Cream (FA)

Good for creamy bases ;D


Cheesecake (graham cracker crust)
Toasted Almond.

I cannot live without my favorite Pistachio cheesecake ADV. (cheesecake dream in the recipe listings)
That being said, I also never run out of Cinnamon Danish. I believe that if I do, the sky will surely fall. :slight_smile:
(all these are TPA flavors)


Oriental \ >>>>>> Tobaccos! :wink:

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For reals. Only pick three. That’s just crazy talk. That like a farmer telling you to pull a cows tail because they love it.

In no order…

Cap custard v2 (no baddies)
Vanilla classic FA (you can add it to everything)
Cactus inwera (since I’m finding you can add to most all tired fruit vapes for a twist banana cactus, strawberry cactus rassberry cactus and so on).


3 flavors I cant live without.
sweet strawberry
barvarian cream

LOL - that’s great! :slight_smile:

I guess for me it’s Capella Butter, TPA Brown Sugar, and TPA Marshmallow

I know you can’t make anything with just those three, but there’s a ton of stuff I mix I can’t make without at least one of them.


For me 3 is just never going to happen lol , but for the sake of this post. I’d go with these that I can not go w/o.

Vanilla ice cream Liquid Barn
SB Shisha INW

You know they stopped making that, right? It’s been replaced with the diketone free Golden Butter :confused:

Yeah. I haven’t tried it yet but I have over 50 ml of the regular one so it will be a minute before I need to try a different one.

My three that i always have a 30 ml somewhere are :

-CAP Horchata caus i put that shet in everything
-CAP NY Cheesecake adds body, creamy, rich its a multipass
-INW White Grapefruit i’m in love!!!

Honorable mentions to TFA Vanilla bean ice cream and Flavour Art’s Fuji Apple. I love me some apple vape!

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3 flavors? Are you nuts? Put me in a round rubber padded room and tell me to sit in the corner!
Seriously, it would drive all of us totally batshit crazy! LOL
Vanilla Custard V1 (CAP)
Strawberry Ripe (TPA)
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)
If I ever have to just have 3, ima visit every last one of you bastids and steal yours!


I would participate, but I just don’t want to think about this! :smiley:


holy crap I have those LOL

Jim I have Soho, Dark Vapour, and Glory. Would those tobacco’s be something good to use with any of the three?

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Custard (either FA or TFA) don’t care but must have one
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TFA)
Yellow Cake (FW)

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