4th of July discounts

does anyone know of anything this weekend from nicotine river besides the usual 10%

From what they told me when I inquired via PM…they’re definitely going to be doing something, but I haven’t as yet received an email from them!

Kinda surprised too, I thought they’d be taking the weekend off for a 3 day! -But I can only assume they’re working Saturday after all, and only keeping it to a two day holiday, since I was assured that I was added to their email list earlier this week! :slight_smile:

I’ve been chomping at the bit too, because I’m out of VG and have been for three-four days now (thankfully living on the mix-fest that I went on a week or so back when I got all the bottles from Whiterose! lol). I usually mix every two days in small amounts (10-15ml) since my bottles were seriously limited before that box came! -almost going through ‘mix-withdrawals’ too (nevermind the concern about the supply status). itching to mix :eyes:


Yup I can guarantee NicRiver will be doing a special because I just made an order 2 days ago.


It’s most likely my fault. I didn’t order anything… like @Sprkslfly also said, every time I order a sale normally happens a day or two later. Since I didn’t make an order, a/the sale didn’t start.


Doesn’t look like it.

With BCV having a 15% sale on 30ml I will most likely place an order with them.

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I have a fairly sizeable order (for me) that I’ve kept on hold waiting for that damned code to come along. I know the second I complete my order, my email will ping with the sale notification.

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looks like ill be waiting as my list grows longer


just received the nicotine river weekend deals ,

three day deal

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orders over 50$ receive free liter of pg or vg

0ver 75$ one gallon

over 250 2 1/2 gallons

over 500 = 5 gallons

over 1000 = 10 gallons

10 % off dicount code JULY

deal excludes international orders

end 4th of july at midnight pst


Sweet! Glad I didn’t place my order with them yet.


I just spent 50 yesterday with them but will spend the rest of my budget with them although I do need a few things from ECX so they will get a chunk as well

15% off sale and better selection of 30ml sizes than ECX (IMO).

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ive never ordered from bull city i live 40 min from ECX bellingham warehouse i use to order exclusively through ECX until i had a problem they didnt resolve but i got over it , nicotine river gets all my business unless they dont have what i need like the other brands and certain bottles

where is bull city located , i try to stay away from east coast places because i live in anacortes wa

North Carolina, but they shipped fairly soon. I’m in CA and it usually takes 4 to 7 days during big sales events. I’ve received it as soon as three but rarely.

how’s the shipping cost

I did a test run last night with a single 30ml bottle from each vendor and the shipping charges were:
ECX 2.65
NR 2.82
BCV 2.95

orders of 75.00 are free ship.

Well, I bit (and bit hard) thanks to (and trusting in) all the great folks here recommending Nic. River! Like I told Grant “If the quality of the nic is on par with your customer service, then I KNOW I’m set!”

I’ll soon finally be able to scratch that itch, and be back mixing again since I have the following on the way:

  • 1liter of NicSelect
  • 2 gallons of Musim Mas palm VG
  • liter of PG (will likely have to order more I know, but I’m toying with the idea of going all vg, and subbing out PG for 3-4% DW.)
  • 20 shiny new 15ml bottles! (To do 5-10-15ml test mixes with, and to store flavors in, so I don’t eat into my soon to be “steeping only” supply of 30ml bottles)

All the best, and thanks for the update to check my email for the sale notice!

Also, forgot to mention (since this is a general sales topic on the 4th stuff)

Cheapest price I’ve ever seen on Samsung 25r5’s is $4ea at illumn:

The last time I saw them for ‘cheap’ was $6 and that was Memorial Day!

Also, for those that may not be familiar with these sources for deals:


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That is an awesome deal! I was just thinking that I’ve got 4 sets that are gettin kinda old and not holding as much charge as they used to. Good time to replace them! :slight_smile:

Oh btw coupon code 10off works with the sale I think.

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