80watt Aegis... Smoky's small review

Ok so I picked up the black and green aegis 80watt


It fits really nice in my hand… small light weight, which surprised me… and yeps I like… I did not get the matchy matchy tank… but I did get this one…

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Zeus x rta…

I do not like it… I broke it down… popped a coil on, stuffed that son of a gum with cotton, screwed it all back together… and it flooded. Even tho I packed it with cotton, yeps… and once I stopped the flooding… had to loose however much that bubble tank holds… add more cotton which I didnt think was possible… I had issues getting the top back on… fixed that… top is on…

then it spits at me…

Nopes I do not like it…

If someone is willing to pay shipping… I will send this tank right out. :slight_smile:

but I am keeping the mod. I like it… It’s not my normal blue, but a green… different, for Christmas lol…

So here goes… I hope someone else will like the tank… it’s just not for me…


That’s always strike ONE for me.

Sometimes that’s strike TWO.


so… instead of a pretty paper weight… I hope someone likes to tinker and is in need of an excellent tinker tank… it will keep you occupied for at least a few minuets. I tried hard not to toss it out in the yard… :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t mean to keep spamming you @anon84779643, but sometimes dammit, a YARD TOSS is EXACTLY what is required !!!


I would but chances are I will only end up stepping on it at some time and have yet another complaint about it!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


I got a pretty paper weight mod I’d like to toss in the yard!



oh my that is a pretty check attomizer… maybe a vendor will see this post… grrrr.

:ice_hockey: < there we go… Ice hockey it… as the puck!! :smiley: :tada: or run it over!! beep beep!! :red_car:


I’m bum your not getting along with the Zeus X. It is a finikey little booger for sure. I have a few and I almost hate to say, I really like them a lot. I followed this method with just a slightly longer wick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow2OLEJ8h4Q


maybe that is what it is, Ogre… will check out the vid…
It holds way more juice than my wasp nana rta… for sure!
I really wanted to like it… it’s got Christmas all over it…
Will toy with it… but in the meantime… will think it over. :slight_smile:


Get the poison out @Rocky02852, throw it out the window !!!


Omgosh she fell out that window! :shocked: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


I got that same Zeus rta 2 weeks ago… built it 3 or 4 times now and hasn’t flooded once. Using 3mm id coils with KGD, don’t even pack the coils, just loosely wicked.
I didn’t see too many great reviews, most people have a bad thing or 2 to say about it but I’m pleasantly surprised. One of my favorites now.


I think I am going to take it apart and toy with it one more time… will report back when I have…
If I can not get it going this time… then yeps it will go to someone that wants to tinker… give me a few hours… today is a busy day… I have :coffee: :moon_cake: :grin: :rofl:


I cut the coils’ legs at 6mm on a coil cutting tool and drop them on the RDA. Coil legs are touching the base… in reviews you always see people trying to cut the legs as close to the screws as possible… waste of time :slight_smile: Just drop them and tighten.

About 1cm (eyeballing) of KGD, strip the outer layers

I use just the length to drop in the juice holes, it doesn’t really stick out much at the bottom.
The juice holes aren’t stuffed either, you should be able to push the wick a little aside and see an opening so that air can enter the tank while it’s wicking juice.

No flooding, wicks like a champ.

If you still have flooding, check if all the parts of the RDA are tightened and the o-rings are properly in place and doing their job.


about to pull it all apart and see what the heck I did…
then will be down time for me, moving furniture… the tree is going up today!! :smiley:

Thanks @anon28032772!! will report back tonight… :red_car: beep beep!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope the Zeus performs better next time.
I’ve been looking at this one too & will be interested to see how it works out :grinning:


Atm I have tried yesterday… 3 times… a dual coil… 2 singles.
Still leaking… not happy with it, it could just be a faulty rta.
I have cleaned it up. Might try again in a few days, too many things going on here right now.


Check if the o-rings on the glass and top cap seal off properly, replace them if necessary. If they don’t seal, your tank will flood. I had a similar issue with a Steamcrave, replaced the o-rings and the problem was solved.


Im not going to tinker with it today… nopes… no way!!! :smiley:

but when I am not so frustrated with it, I will.
I have another idea why it is doing it too… will give it a really good look thru and post up if I find anything…


Did you see the little Aegis boost RBA pod thing?