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So I am wondering what way it goes for you as you come off the 50/50? if you use more PG you need less flavor? More VG and you need more flavor?


I have a tough time tasting most juices, so I follow the recipe but at 55/45. The VG reduction means I get stronger flavor.


That is my finding also, now the big question, for each 10 unit increase in PG, the overall flavor must be decreased by what % ?
i may have an error in asking this but u get what i mean?
for 50/50 we need 15% so for 40/60 we need 15.5% im wondering…


Going from 70/30 to 55/45, to get the same flavor strength, I would say to reduce the total amount of flavoring by 7-10%.


wow that sounds like a lot (even by my high flavor standards), and I think it is proportional too to the overall flavor so stronger flavors need a smaller increase or decrease.


Nope, I don’t believe the PG/VG ratio change is directly related to a flavoring ratio drop/increase.

@DarthVapor is the one to confirm this, but I have been cooking/baking for longer than he has lived, but he is a commercial chef, and I can only relate it to this:

If you increase the fresh onions to a saute it doesn’t mean you need to change the percentage of fresh garlic.
This may not make sense to a mixer of e-juice.

Without a short novel written, it may not be understandable.

Maybe too much ‘core math’ is trying to compute here…I will lend my experience to common ABC-123-1+1=2
and focus more on my ingredients being organic…and fresh, as opposed to how much % is being used of each.
A great, or even good,…chef… does not weigh out all ingredients to the 0.01g to make wonderful and palatable
menus, they develop a feel and instinct for a recipe.

If every great baker, or every great chef,…had to stop and compute exact %'s each day in the kitchen to get great results…it would be chaos.

Again, without a short novel written, it may not be understandable.

Consult the @DarthVapor , he is active and progressive, not like this old fart that has been using antiquated skills from my Grandmother. He is not only cutting-edge, but has commercial training…and has been exposed to more ingredients from around the world , although his knives are not any sharper than mine, I bet you.

He is also very trustworthy…if he says “too much salt”…LISTEN and obey. :smile_cat:


Things that seriously cracked me up for $1000 please Alex!

Also, for the life of me, I can’t make a correlation (funny or otherwise) for your chosen nym.
Are you a fan of the old B movie? Or is it an actual name ‘usage’?

(it’s been far too many years since I’ve actually seen Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers, so I could be forgetting any Dr reference…lol)


Me too! PG in flavors and nic is all I need


I was thinking something a bit different and although I’m not a chef, ya haven’t been cooking longer than I’ve been alive lol (although you’ve most likely have cooked way more than 3 lifetimes more than I have, I just had to get the I’m old jibe in).
I was looking at it in the perspective that pg doesn’t dilute a flavor’s profile as much as vg… ? I mean I’m talking out my ass here, but that was how I always looked at it.


I’ve only made a few so far as I’m pretty new to this, I only started vaping in May with an ego battery and a CE4, but I was following the same logic as Scottes777. I followed the flavour % exactly as the recipe stated.


I’ve been using this name for a while and have grown fond of it lol. It’s actually a reference to the band The Misfits. Their drummer was called DrChud, I’m a fan and also a musician, and I liked the name.


I believe that the PG/VG ratio affects the flavor strength.
I know it does for me.

I had read, many times, that VG affects flavor. So I made a recipe at my normal 70% VG 50% PG. And I made another batch - same recipe, same flavoring amounts, same Nic amount - but modified it to 55% VG 45% PG. The recipe was one that I felt had flavor that was just barely strong enough to bother vaping. It was a good flavor, but too mild for my desires to have strong flavor.

After a month of aging, I broke out 2 identical TFV4 tanks, placed in 2 brand-new identical coils, and put them on 2 identical mods. (I have 2 of lots of things in order to do tests like this.)

I filled each tank with 1 of the batches I described above. I then vaped, easily identifying the 55/45 batch from the 70/30 because one - the 55/45 - had more flavor, a stronger flavor. Occasionally I would hand the 2 mods to my wife, close my eyes, and she would randomly give me one or the other. 6 out of 6 times I could discern each batch from the other, again based on the strength of the flavor.

In the end, I was - and still am - completely convinced that lowering the VG percentage will increase the flavor strength.

To use your chef/cooking analogy, I compare it to making 2 batches of chicken soup - one with water base and the other using chick broth instead of water. All other ingredients and process being identical, the chicken soup made with chicken brother will have a stronger flavor than the soup made with only water.

I have my own ideas about salt, and if @DarthVapor says “too much salt” then I may very well make 2 batches and conduct a scientific experiment to determine how much salt I prefer. Now, if I were making something for the masses then I would most certainly abide by his opinion about salt amount, but I am still going to make 2 batches - 1 to his taste to suit him and the masses, and another batch to suit my idea of a ideal salt amount for me, for my taste buds, because my taste buds are not his, nor is my opinion of what is right for me.

I am really trying to point out 2 things:
Everyone is different.
A scientific comparison with a single difference will prove out what the difference means.

Now, what that means about reducing the flavoring amount, I don’t know because I have not performed such a test, nor do i intend to. So my “7% - 10%” was a guess based on the test I described above. If reducing the VG increases the flavor strength, then it would make sense that reducing the VG and the flavoring amount would yield a recipe that was identical in flavor strength to the original, high-VG flavor strength.

Can anyone help me improve my Apple BubbleGum recipe?
Fix My Mix - Bring your trouble recipes here!

I had thought of using that exact same anology but couldn’t, of course chicken soup made with broth would taste more like chicken, it’s chicken broth lol… pg and vg are both “supposed to be” neutral flavors though and with the exception of a bit of sweetness that vg often has, flavorless.


Yeah, true, not the greatest analogy. Although my point is not so much that it would “taste more like chicken” but would “taste like more chicken”.


I am thinking the VG adds sweetness so it seems the juice needs less flavor to be enjoyable? But also at the same time the Flavor molecules bind with the PG so less is carried to the taste buds when the PG is reduced? I decreased my PG/VG ratio from 50/50 to 40/60 to go easier on my throat but i noticed less flavor with the larger cloud. I slightly increased my total flavor by about .5% to 1%. I think some of the commercial juice companies may use the same practice if they offer different PG/VG ratios they adjust the flavor by some ratio to produce a more consistent flavor in their juice.


I don’t think that a 1% increase in anything would be noticeable. Unless you’re saying you went from 9% flavoring to 10% flavoring, then that is an 11% increase - from 9 to 10. But it you had 9% total flavoring and went to 9.01% then that would not be noticeable.

So to clarify what I said above, “7% - 10%”, I meant that it would be like going from 10% total flavoring to 10.7% or 11% total flavoring.


No I mean a .5% to 1% increase of the total flavor (and I push the flavor envelope), so when I was using total flavor 7% i would increase to 7.5% because the flavors were more concentrated. for less concentrated flavors like TFA CAP, if I was using them at 15% I would increase the total flavor to 16%. And that was actually to go from 60/40 PG/VG to 40/60 PG/VG. That’s just my preference, most folks think my juice is too flavorful.
But for me I also adjust the flavor to mask the nicotine, If the nic goes up I increase the total flavor.


The way I was stating it, going from 15 to 16 would be a 7% increase. So we agree.


Ha, I was talking about Darth…but I am glad it yanked your chain, it’s always my pleasure.
I love the fact I am so much younger than you. :smile_cat:


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