A couple noob questions?

How do you save other peoples recipes? And how do you figure how much nicotine to add?

To save another person’s recipes, just click the little heart at the top to make it a favorite of yours and it will show up on your page. To figure out how much nicotine to add just click on the little blue wrench and click adapt, this will allow you to enter how much nicotine you want in the recipe. Good luck and welcome! If you have any other questions feel free to ask!


Or click the blue wrench and click “Adapt this” - that way you can tailor it to your needs. To figure out how much nic to add enter the strength of your nicotine in “Nicotine strength”, and how strong you want your juice (final nicotine strength) by entering what mg you want in “Desired strength”, then just follow the recipe :smile:


Thank you daath, I was confused on how it worked.

Thank you tbt127

No problem…I guess I could have went into more detail about the nicotine question, but @daath took care of that! Believe me this place is great and @daath is the best (he runs this site) Any questions you have about vaping or diy stuff, these terrific people here at ELR would be more than happy to answer.


I was confused about nicotine when I first started. What I was confused about was you could buy the nic in various mg’s. So I was trying to wrap my head around how much to add. Then I found this site with the calculator that lets you enter your nic strength. Thats when I understood how it all works. I buy 100mg nicotine that is VG based since I planned to do high VG mixes. If you are unsure about anything read the Resources Thread on here. It’s a really big help getting started. Follow all the links and read them as well.

This may be a bit brash, but if you heart a recipe and the original poster deletes it, it’s gone. If you adapt it and save your adaptation, it’s still there.


Good to know! Man I am learning so much information here :blush:

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Wow…I never knew that…thank you…I just don’t like adapting because then I don’t know who they came from originally

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Easy Peasy. Click the blue button below the recipe notes: “Adapted from this recipe”

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Oh yeah, that’s the new thing Lars just added a few days ago right?

I am not sure when it was added.

Well, thank you, you really do learn something new every day!

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The button has been there since I’ve been hanging out around here, but the words on the button are new. :wink: And yes, if someone deletes the recipe and you didn’t save it either by adapting it or taking a screenshot, it’s gone. If I have something I really want to keep, that’s what I do. Typically I’ll add something like a tilde (~) on the front end of the adapted recipes I haven’t tweaked yet so I can keep track of them easier.


Yes I’m with that, have soo many screenshots of recipes I could fill a cook book

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That’s a very good idear JoJo. Thanks for sharing.

I just started mixing and i bought a 50/50 base with 3mg of nicotine.So when i create a new recipe i leave the base settings as they are and just have to worry about the percentage of the flavor and the total percantage of the finished pg/vg/nicotin mix.is that right?

If your base is 3mg, once you add flavor to it, the mg will decrease somewhat. If you have 10% flavor, you will have 9 ml of base, 1 ml of flavor and your final percents will be 55/45 and 2.7mg nic.

Essentially, yes. You will input what you have for the base, then put in your flavors, then you may have to tweak your “Desired” levels until they get to a spot you can live with and the calculator stops yelling at you about something being wrong. :wink:

Hey thanx that’s some great advise.i didn’t think about that but of course it makes perfect sense.So if i wanna tune the nicotine level up a notch i have to get some pure nicotine to get where i want to.
thanx a lot again :grinning: