A couple noob questions?

Hell i didn’t know that either. Because there is a few recipes i like and wrote down. Now i onow how to save them. Right on.

I always adapt a recipe so can get nicotine and bottle size correct.

Usually you’ll want to order your nicotine base in a higher strength (sometimes much higher, depending on what you’re after) so that you can easily add whatever you want to get to the exact percentages and strengths you’re after. I typically use 24mg nic liquid in PG to get to a desired 3mg. I only use a small bit of nic base and I can add as much flavor as I want, then adjust with extra PG or VG to get to the ratios I want. That’s kind of the way the calculator is set up. You put in your base information, then set your desired strength, PG/VG ratios, and size, then add your flavoring. The calculator will tell you how much of each thing you need to get to where you want to be. Hope that makes sense. There’s an article on wikivapia that explains in a little more detail how to use the site that I highly recommend reading. :smile:

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When first started this about a month ago I ordered 100mg 100% VG nicotine to keep things simple. I wasn’t really sure why you would want anything other than 100mg nic to be honest. And I mix higher VG so I need the VG nic to keep my VG levels high.

Hindsight, I made the right decision - for me. I was scared to death of that bottle at first because I was mixing by volume using syringes. Drawing the nic out of the bottle made me nervous. Shortly after my first couple mixes I learned here mixing by weight is the way to go. And things are soooo easy now!

My nicotine came in a 120ml bottle with just a regular cap on it. I bought a spout cap to put on it. Now I just remove the little red cap, tare my scale to the weight of my bottle, and squeeze in the required amount of nicotine (after shaking the hell out of the nicotine - thanks for the tip JoJo). I am no longer worried about handling 100mg nicotine at all.

Here is my process:
Set my 30ml bottle on scale, tare scale
Add required nicotine, tare scale
Add PG, tare scale
Add VG, tare scale
Add flavor, tare scale…

…And so forth and so forth until all ingredients are added. No cleanup. No more syringes. No mess. The only time I cleanup anything is if I make a 150ml batch. Then all I have to cleanup is my flask and my little glass funnel.

Edit: I meant to add, the point of my long drawn out response is, pick a nicotine that works for how you want to mix. Everyone does things differently. But I couldn’t imagine anything being much easier or safer than how I mix now thanks to what I learned here.

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hey thanx for the input.i just bought a second bottle of 50/50 6mg mix today so i mix that with my 50/50 3mg base and that should work out fine for me.i always felt that a 6mg liquid is too strong for me and 3mg are not enough.so i think 4,5mg should work out fine for me.
i haven’t looked into mixing by weight so far.it seems to me that working with pipettes is more precise than anything else,but i might be wrong.
However, i’m very happy that i’ve found such a great community of helpful people : )

I am sure the glass pipettes are about the most accurate way to mix. But depending on the viscosity of the liquid I can see that being an issue as well. Because residue inside the pipette is not going to be delivered into the mix. I am sure they are probably the most accurate though.

With weight, once you figure out your flavors I think consistency will be achievable depending on how big of a batch you make. Which is why I have 10 single flavor mixes going right now. My scale will read every drop or two I put in. And I can’t see a couple drops making that big of a difference in a 150ml batch, which is what I mix proven recipes at.

I am sure others that use pipettes will chime in since I am no chemist. I know certain pipettes are designed to deliver a specific amount of fluid, accounting for residual fluid left in the pipette. I actually considered buying a range of pipettes. But considering the need to clean each one after using, and some recipes have tons of flavors, I decided that was either going to become expensive, or time consuming.

I think most around here will agree that mixing by weight is the most accurate, especially since 90% of the veterans (and hence the really great mixers around here) mix by weight. All of their recipes will be mixed by weight. While I don’t think the difference in weight/volume would be enough to throw anything severely off, if you really want to get as close to an original recipe by ‘them’, weight is the way to go. :wink: If you’re really concerned about precision, just make sure you use a super scale and use mfg specific gravities for flavors. That being said, most are using 1g = 1ml for flavors.

A little light reading if you need extra convincing. Most of us are pretty passionate about what we find works. :stuck_out_tongue: Comes with the DIY territory, I guess.


I use 100mg nic 50/50 mix. I make 6mg nic level. After you get use to it. It’s really easy. Just never get in a hurry.

Just bought a bad ass scale lol.

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I just got my scale so I may be speaking out of very little experience, but I think it trades an irrelevant amount of accuracy for a useless amount of precision. To put it another way, it’s six of one or half a dozen of the other (apologies to anyone who isn’t familiar with that expression). That said, it is a lot less work. That why I agree that it’s the way to go!

And if you aren’t measuring more than 500g you can use it in the kitchen too, so bonus!

All I can say is, I just tested some of the 150ml’s of Unicorn Milk I made on October 18th using my scale. It tasted so close to the real thing (even though it hasn’t steeped long enough) that I just mixed a 250ml batch. If my scale isn’t accurate enough - I don’t care LOL.

I have mixed a total of 500ml of juice today. The only thing I cleaned was my gloves from getting a drop of PG on them when I was refilling my squirt bottles :blush: