Mixing by weight - flavor weight

I’m sure this has been asked but I really didn’t find a good answer as to how many of you all are actually doing this.
I understand that each flavor has a different weight and if I wished I could probably research each and every flavor out to find this via the various companies sites or by requesting it from their staff. I also seen from that ELR resource page wiki a line of "… For example, Toasted Marshmallow (TPA) weighs 1.092 g/ml…"
So my basic question is do you (I use the “you” term so I could get a variety of opinions), use a standard of 1ml - 1 gram for all your flavors, use the companies data page for the weights, or just use the automated info currently in ELR’s database (that I haven’t been able to actually see)?
I’m asking because I am starting to use a android app recipe manager so I can take a recipe with me to where I’m going to be mixing at or when I’m playing around with mixing up test batches and want to be fairly accurate when passing that recipe out to others.

I use the automated weights. In my opinion, they’re close enough that a hundredth or a thousandth of a gram I don’t feel affect accuracy that much. Of course, I’m not a super precise person so take that FWIW. LoL. If you go to your flavor stash and click on a flavor, at the bottom of the notes it tells you the manufacturer’s specified gravity, if there is one. It seems most of my TPA, FA, and Cap have specified gravities. The FW, Inawera, and LorAnn flavors I have don’t.


Thanks for the question, and the answer. It helped me to decide, that I am not going to bother with a kit, but just get a scale, a few bottles, a couple of suringes for getting stuff out of and into bottles, and that will be my beginning DIY kit.

Of course I will be getting my nic, VG, PG, and flavorings, but I think that for now, that should do it.

My next purchases (and there will be many as this is vaping stuff is really habit forming :smiley: ) will be to put together a magnetic mixing table. I can put it all together and have most of the stuff right here, I just think it will cut the steeping/ waiting time.

BTW, specific gravity is how much a liquid by volume, will weigh as compared to water. Water is less heavy than most ejuice liquids, but not by enough to worry about it. You are less accurate in how much juice is left/ stuck to the inside of a flask, beaker or bottle.


ebay has this one… I purchased it after another poster mentioned it:
Etekcity® 0.001oz/0.01g Precision Digital Pocket Jewelry Balance Scale 500g


Thank you.

I don’t use manufacturer specific gravities myself. I use 1 g/ml (the ELR default for PG-based flavors). The reasoning behind this is that almost everyone does this, and therefore when I mix a recipe, I get the same result as everyone else. The key is really reproducability, when it comes to other peoples recipes. Manufacturer specific gravities make sense if you mix for yourself, or for others that do the same… :slight_smile:


like @daath said and said perfectly

I totally agree with JoJo here when replicating any recipe at sample volumes the combined author and user errors will be greater than the flavour SG differences.

To push this a little further, using vg based nic, would you use 1g to 1 ml or would you use 1.2g to ml the same as vg uses… or just continue on the 1 for 1 ratio?

I’m using manufacturer info. Because.

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Some people are OCD enough :laughing: hehe


It could make a difference in the strength of your finished juice. I would weigh it the same as vg or measure it in a syringe.

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I use Automated, although I do see a case (as pointed out by daath) to use 1g/ml. hmmmm

These tips are very useful. Following these tips:-

Weight of PG: 1.038 grams per ml
Weight of VG: 1.26 grams per ml
Weight of Pure Nicotine: 1.01 grams per ml
Weight of 100mg in PG: 1.035 grams per ml
Weight of 60mg in PG: 1.03632 grams per ml
Weight of 50mg in PG: 1.0366 grams per ml
Weight of 48mg in PG: 1.036656 grams per ml
Weight of 36mg in PG: 1.036992 grams per ml
Weight of 24mg in PG: 1.037328 grams per ml
Weight of 100mg in VG: 1.235 grams per ml
Weight of 60mg in VG: 1.245 grams per ml
Weight of 50mg in VG: 1.2475 grams per ml
Weight of 48mg in VG: 1.248 grams per ml
Weight of 36mg in VG: 1.251 grams per ml
Weight of 24mg in VG: 1.254 grams per ml


My scale which has been lost in the mail for, I don’t know…5-6 weeks, finally arrived. Now I have a simple question although I believe the answer will be one of preference. It seems to me if there is a concern of timing out on scales (mine is one) that an easy way to always get it right would be to set tare after each addition. Whereas I have a home office it’s really easy for me to mix while I’m on my job, but I do get interruptions. How do you guys do it?

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As you say. I always make sure I finish an addition and tare before doing anything else just in case I wind up getting distracted by something. Then it becomes a problem of “Now, what flavor did I just add?” LoL. What scale did you wind up getting? If it is the etekcity one, you can set the auto-off up to 3 minutes or turn it off completely.


[quote=“JoJo, post:16, topic:21864, full:true”] What scale did you wind up getting? If it is the etekcity one, you can set the auto-off up to 3 minutes or turn it off

That’s the one.

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I posted it somewhere and can’t remember where. I think what you do is when it’s on, hold down the tare button until a number comes up (probably 60). Then press mode until it gets to 0 and press the power button. The number is seconds until it shuts off, so it’s 1, 2, or 3 minutes or 0 is never shut off. The illumination on the display will go off after awhile, but it doesn’t actually turn off. A light tap or a tare or whatever will relight the display.

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do they make a scale like that … that plugs in so you don’t have to rely on batteries

I believe that there is a scale simular that does plug in and I’m sure someone will respond concerning it. But just so you know, the battery operated one that I use (the one that was linked to) is still going strong on the original batteries now for at least 6 to 8 months.