A few warnings added to TPA

I had a few emails that I had saved. One of them was from Aris, and he had found a warning for a chemical called “Furfuryl alcohol”, which is used in these TPA flavors:

Source: https://shop.perfumersapprentice.com/specsheetlist.aspx?cas=98-00-0

It is listed as a cancer causing chemical: https://oehha.ca.gov/proposition-65/chemicals/furfuryl-alcohol

As always, I just put the warnings there, and let you guys decide if you want to vape it or not :slight_smile:

Thanks to Aris for brigning it to my attention!

If you guys know any other manufacturers that uses this chemical, or any other warnings that might be missing, please let me know!



It’s good to see I don’t use any of those flavours :wink:


Unfortunately Brown Sugar is one of them!
Now I’m also worried about Cinnamon Danish swirl…@death thanks for sharing
If you don’t mind I’ll share the warning in an Italian Vaping Forum.


Only the DX-version…

Why? There is no furfuryl alcohol on that, according to them :smiley:

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I know but the esters could be the same or similar…

That stuff sounds scary "Furfuryl alcohol " and I use Butterscotch all the time and just recently bought a 30ml bottle. I know that is not a lot, but when your broke, it’s still not very much, but more than I want to lose.

So do I vape it till it’s gone or toss it? Decisions - Decisions

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Their NOI is:
Used to produce furan resins, as a chemical intermediate in the synthesis of other chemicals, and as a solvent in textile printing and alkaline paint strippers. Formed in foods during thermal processing and as a result of the dehydration of sugars.

I don’t even like the flavors with regular Furfural, like Brown Sugar Extra and Pie Crust, it tastes awful, like some sort of astringent chemical, blech.


if you do toss it and need some butterscotch let me know , i have 60ml of FW i could send you at least half of it and still have enough to last me a lifetime lol


@Iv3shf Ok I don’t know what NOI is.

Basically it is a waste product that can be used in other applications. I assume that is what "green chemical " means.

They say it has a bitter taste, but does that mean it is ok to ingest?

My head hurts a bit, but I think I might understand a little bit…

Ok… The reason butterscotch and a few other flavors have this " green chemical " called “Furfuryl alcohol" in it, is because it is formed in the process of making or extracting the flavor and for what ever reason, they do not remove it.

I assume we have no information on whether or not it can be vaped.

@fidalgo_vapes Thanks for looking out bro, but I do have several other butterscotch, it’s just that this one can be vaped relitivly quickly. appreciate the offer brother.


TPA is one of the few flavor companies that gives a GS/MS breakdown of their products, so there is no easy way to know if any other brands of these flavor profiles also contain this chemical. We also don’t know much about the relative danger of this chemical in our application, since toxicity is always based on exposure levels, and the amounts here could be at 0.0001% the limit. It’s good info to have, but not sure how best to react to it. In fact, using a different brand of similar flavor profiles without a GS/MS could actually wind up with more exposure.


Ah so this is why pie crust tastes like :poop: thx for the lookout @daath


Apparently it is in a lot of food too, unless I misunderstood.
The article I found states the following:

"May be toxic by ingestion and skin contact and moderately toxic by inhalation."


NOI stands for Notice Of Intent, they have to explain why they’re listing it.

I would be willing to bet ALL flavorings no matter what brand has some kind of chemical that is carcinogenic weather they’re vaped or ingested. Vaping nicotine V.G. and or P.G. I.M.O. would be the safest way to vape. Boring and flavorless but possibly safer…I’m still going to use the flavorz listed above because 1) I like them 2) Its still healthier. …way way healthier than smoking cigarettes…


More or less my own sentiment. After all, it might only be like 0.1% in the flavoring itself, so it would be 0.1% of, say, 4% - very small amounts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But I figure I’ll pass on the info, and let people decide for themselves, whether they want to avoid it or ignore it :slight_smile:


Why would you even care if you don’t vape?

Thank you so much for posting this warning. Duly noted.:+1:t5:

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