A letter to the powers that be

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It’s time we ratchet our efforts to try and sway vaping policies in our favor. We all need to participate and show a strong united front. Write or email the leadership in your state so they can see you are watching them. After my 1st email I got a lack luster reply so I’m replying again hoping for a more favorable response… I encourage you to do the same. Feel free to copy and paste this letter or change to suit your specific thoughts. I will post the response if I get one.

To: senator@corker.senate.gov

I do understand your need to protect the public from harm. I have researched the hazards of vaping extensively. From my findings it states some chemicals may be harmful to ecigarette smokers and nothing conclusive. I feel more research is needed to see what in ecigarettes may be harmful if any. I know ecigarettes are a much safer alternative then tobacco and I employ you not to take a stance that will deter smokers from trying an alternative method of quitting smoking. Of all the methods that I’ve tried to quit smoking, none of them worked until I tried an ecig. There is a lot more to gain by encouraging the use of ecigarettes as a smoking alternative, than to let smoking continue as is. I’m sure you know smokers that you would like to see become nonsmokers. Please help them by helping us. Thanks in advance for efforts to help us ex-smokers stay smoke free. Please read this article about how government agencies twist the facts about smoking statistics to promote their own self interest and shine a dim light on ecigarette use.

Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Ivey