A question for Mr. Daath

Daath…I was just now looking at the flavor listing and to be honest, it’s looks pretty F’d up. Wondering if you will be implementing a standardized naming convention for all the flavors. Allowing any user to just type in whatever they want is silly. And much of the time there is no vendor added which makes the recipe useless. I’m not trying to sound critical because you’ve done a great job with this site. But there has to be a control in the input process, like selecting from drop downs or something.
I’m a good bit buzzed right now so I hope that made sense.


Yes the flavors will be re-worked at some point, and the input will be restricted in some way.

It’s a pretty humongous task - but it will be done at some point. There will be a new user interface for adding flavors to recipes, working with stash etc. I’ll do something that makes sense.

We still need to allow people to input whatever they want, but that will happen in a “DIY brand” much like there will be other brands, such as “Flavour Art” etc - but the real brands will be locked.


Daath I wish there was an app for ELR I would buy it !


There will be - some day :smile:


Always working hard I know :+1::blush: keep up the great job


Thanks @daath!!! U rock!!!

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To say the least… Im glad it isnt something that i have to do, lol. The only way i can see it happening is to set a date where the changes take affect and then leaving most of the old recipes as they are. Some of them could be changed but those without vendor tags… How would those be changed? I dont see how they could be.

Thanks again for all of you hard work daath, very much appreciated by all of us.

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Those without a brand tag, will become some sort of “Generic”-brand… I have plans - but it will take time and planning to implement :slight_smile:


Excellent idea. And again, im glad i dont have to implement this. An export to text would be pretty awesome as well.

There are a lot of export formats planned! :smile:




I would suggest allowing people to still make flavors, but with a “Custom” in parentheses at the end.

ie. Coconut Butter (Custom)

As for the search function, could always add a radial box that gives the user the option to filter in/out (Custom) flavors…

Just a thought…

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Agreed - There will be some sort of “Custom” or “DIY”… :smile:

is there a way to convert the recipes to weight mixing technique?

You want grams? Just set your preference in your profile :smile:

thanks a ton feel so noobish here and ive been here a while lol

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Heck, i just found the price settings for VG/PG/Nic yesterday, lol.

Hi Mr Daath, to make a recipe how do I change from grams to drops.thx

You want drops? Just set your preference in your profile :wink:

I’m being setting the calculator 35 drops per ML when making an e juice but I’ve heard others with 20 even 60 drops per ml.
For how many drops should I set the calculator, thx.