Accidentally added too much of a flavor in my mix

So long story short I was making a 250ML batch of one of my favorite mixes and I accidentally added 3% of a flavor when it should have been 2%. The flavor was Lemon Tahity. I steeped and tried it out and it has changed the flavor profile and is now way too lemony.

Is there a way to add more pg/vg and adjust some of the flavors to get this back to the original intended percentages?

I searched the forums but was not able to find any this scenario or I just didn’t know what to search for.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Is this a single flavor mix or a recipe?
You have to make a final mix liquid at 375ml.
I mean 3% on 250ml is 7.5ml which is equal to 2% on 375ml.


Which recipe are you mixing?

Like @Laberythm says, you can dilute it down with your base liquid.

I’m not familiar with Lemon Tahiti? What brand is it? Or is it Lemon Sicily (FA)?

If it’s Lemon Sicily then that flavour does have some fade, so it’s possible it will settle with a bit of a steep.


Never tried anything like this, but it seems like:

if 1% is 1/3 of 3%, if you make a new batch that is equal to 1/3 the total volume of the mistake batch, only leave out the Lemon completely, combine the batches and it should reduce the Lemon back to 2%. Like, the new batch has everything in it, nic vg pg all the flavors exactly as the mistake batch, just no lemon.

It makes sense in my head, but im operating with a high school general math degree here, so it may not hold water.


Thanks all. This is the recipe that I messed up on.

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I have actually done this before… Just mix up 1/3 of the mix again leaving out the lemon and mix it all together



I now can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will mix up 1/3rd batch and leave out the lemon and I should be all set. I did use about 10 ml of it but I think that will be close enough.

Thanks again. Just glad I don’t have to dump the whole batch!!!


It actually makes it easier, ⅓ of 240 = 80, that’s a nice round number. ⅓ of 250 is a bit more messy 83.3333333 :laughing:


I have an idea!
oops NM, u did it the old fashioned way.

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Tell us the modern version anyway :grinning:

Feel free to share this link

Calculate it :wink:
Solutions are shown below


Hang on!
You put 3% Tahity in, when it should have been 2%, right?
so that’s 1% too much
1% is HALF of 2%
so, to get it in the right propertion you need to increase the volume of the batch by one half, or 50%.
Therefore, you need to mix up a HALF SIZE batch , minus the Tahiti,( not a 1/3 size batch! )
Then you mix it all together.
Once it’s all mixed mixed, your half-sized batch is now one third of the FINAL mix. This is what caused the confusion.

Not sure I’m following here. The 1/3 thing seems so logical! If you have 3% and want to decrease that by one third to get 2%… why would you increase all of the other flavirs by 50%? Maths are hard, and they don’t always follow layman logic, and I’m usually wrong, so really I just want an explanation if you have time. Not so much why yours is right, but why mine is wrong. Both seem logical, but only one is right. Thanks!

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Because the recipe calls for 2% of the subject flavor. If he had used 3% then he has used 2% which is included with 1% extra in the mix. A new batch would need to be halved to make it equal.

It would be more logical to make a new batch with 1% of the subject flavor rather than halving everything though.

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Hmm not sure what you mean but as @Plunderdrum it would be far easier to make a mix 1/3 the size of the original mix and miss out the Lemon Tahity an add it to the original.


Kenbu is right. New batch with 1% woud work nicely! (and might be less confusing?)

But , to put it another way , Plunderdrum , if we do it my way: lets call the volume per normal batch v:
now the volume of final batch (after mixing the new with the old) = 3v/2 . = (2+1)v/2= v+v/2
Hopefully this makes it clear that ALL the measurements need to be increased by one half?

however tahiti has already been (accidentally) increased by half, from 2% to 3% . So we just need to add an extra 50% of everything else (flavourings and base ofc) to get the proportions right.

I see where you are coming from but I don’t know how that would work. It doesn’t make sense to me.
That is adding everything by a third and hence neglecting the recipe percentages.

In order to keep the recipe’s percentage’s, you have to add the missing parts.
In this case, everything else except 1% lemon tahity.

No we meant make 1/3 of the toatl recipe minus the ingredient he put too much in… so say 10l instead of 30ml, although he made much more than this… Percentages in recipe stay the same

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There is no right way - except the way you choose to do it :+1:. It is the same % as the original recipe just leave out the lemon and make 1/3 of the original amount

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Ok, that would work. I get it now.

Actually I still don’t get it lol. I’m not going to try to get it.
I’ll stick to what makes sense to me.