Account Deactivated, Do you see a reason?

Guys, Gals, this is a post I replied to on ECF. My account has been supposedly deactivated temporarily because of it. What do you think of this…

WonderDude32 said:

Customer service is the number one reason alot of shops go belly up within the first year of opening their doors.

My Reply…

I agree with this statement but with the internet a close, or even equal, reason for Vape Shop closures. I am a Vape Shop owner and I like to pride my shop as one of the best at customer service, HOWEVER, many times I am not given the chance to show this great customer service. Few Vape Shops can compete Pricewise with the deals offered online since we pay as much, or close to what anyone else pays online. People don’t realize this. Unless you have LOTS of capital and can buy huge quantities direct from China, no high B&M costs (rent,electricity,etc), and can somehow eat State Sales Tax, there is no way to compete. Basically potential customers take one look at the prices and say “I can get it cheaper online”. Customer service never comes into play. All I can say to these people is you will walk out of this store vaping on your unit, you will have a basic understanding of how to use and maintain your new unit, and I will be here if you have a problem or questions. This is what you pay a little more for. Most of the time this means nothing since most believe you are gouging them with high prices and walking away with huge profits. Think again people…

Your account has been temporarily deactivated as an unregistered ECF supplier while your status is resolved. Please contact via email : so we can assist you.

As you can see just as here of ELR I made no attempt to sell, tell anyone where my shop is, name any product, or even the name of my shop. For that matter my profile doesn’t even list where I am. What are your thoughts…


I see no problem with this what so ever? I’m really confused at why they deactivated your account and what grounds are they basing this?

Is this saying you are a “store” that was not approved by ECF to market products on their site? I know you are not and that email says nothing of the sort, but is this what they are trying to say here?

Shit you could of changed a few words and said I know a guy who has a shop…

Is this some user who was all butt hurt by what you said, so they reported you?

I don’t know much about ECF or VU and the rest but they ALL really seem to act all high and mighty while being controlling at the same time…I’m lucky I took the chance with ELR because with pricks like this flooding the online vape community, I almost looked over ELR

That’s messed up man and I’m really looking forward to hearing their reasoning…even if they reactivate I would tell them to go F themselves

This is where that dislike frowny face would come in to play because even though I like that you posted this I don’t feel I should “like” this :wink:


So just mentioning you have a vapeshop makes you a supplier? Damn, I’ve been mentioning being a bankdirector for years now and still waiting for my frigging bonus!
I was wondering why these other forums don’t appeal to me, I think I have my answer.


I’m only active on one forum… and there is the exact reason people are just plain asholes and there is no need for them or they’re forums!!!


This is what I am assuming and I did email and try to say I had no intentions of trying to sell on ECF nor anywhere on the internet for that matter. Hell, I’m semi retired. I want to work less, not more. I pointed out that this was not a attempt for selling and that this comment was nothing more than pointing out the effect the internet has on Vape Shops, which as you can see, is just that…


Yeah that comment said nothing even close to the effect of trying to sell anything? A fucking child could see that! Like I said you could of been talking about a vape shop down the street and you were very nonchalant about it and only said you owned one. No mention of a product, a price, a location, or contact info…
That’s messed up brother


I’m probably gonna get banned too for saying this, but they know where your home base is… ELR Forum. They are cutting all ties for fear you may drag some of them here. They don’t want the competition. They are like Big Tobacco and we are ecigs… slowly taking over. I’ve had a couple people comment to me here about comments I made over there.


I guess if I get banned, nothing loss for me, A lot loss for them. It’s not like I did not contribute. And yes, we do know where our home is, and perhaps why…


Ridiculous. I bet they want you to pay up for using their forum.


You came dangerously close to “coloring outside the lines” in their coloring book! For this you must be punished! In other words they are saying to you, if you can’t follow our rules then it’s…


This was actually my very first thought when I read your post but then thought… nah…how would they even know or why would they even stoop so low…
But upon further reading there does seem to be more to all this then I thought? If so that’s just beyond sad…
What’s the point? What is the competition? It’s only ejuice and vaping, why such hostility…it’s not like we a sharing state secrets, all we are doing is making recipes for christ sake lol


sounds like a honest post of your opinion and experiences from the other side of the counter.
sounds like a bunch of dicks.
I’m with the other post’s, This is the ONLY forum of any kind I belong to.

But also, @ringling, your a blender and a store owner!? How dare you use their forum with out buying any advertising space!? (Extreme sarcasm there) again as always it’s about the money.
sorry to hear it happened.


(puts feet up on desk and takes a nice long vape…)
This is why I’m here and not there. I’m all about comfort and not egos and assholes.
I appreciate you and everyone else here. It’s what a community is all about, yes?


It will be interesting to see the response (if any) that you receive from the other site. Whomever did the banning I’m sure will “justify” his/her actions as righteous, thats pretty sad.


Fuck all the forums that aren’t ours. None of them matter. Only ELR.


Everyone has beat me to writing out my own thoughts about your experience. Just keep doing what you do. You rock and we love ya! <3


Well, it’s the next day of Deactivation and no reply to my Email. You would think they would let someone know what it is that they want of them. No reactivation, nothing. Since August 19 I entered 128 comments and received 120 likes from those comments. Who do you think the loser is here? I know in my heart I have done nothing to deserve this so all is well with me…


rt on bro I feel exactly the same!!!

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This when I wish I knew somebody that knew somebody that knew somebody that knew somebody that knew somebody…


Stay with the people who care bro.