Adapting Recipes

Hello everyone,

I have never made my own juice before but have just ordered some bits so I can get started,

One question I do have is if I adapt a recipe from say 70/30 3mg to 50/50 6mg on the calculator. Do I need to alter the flavourings or do they stay the same.

Many Thanks and looking forward to getting more involved with the community.


It will depend more on the device you are vaping on and why you want to convert a 70/30 to a 50/50.
On a device that is high wattage I would say no.
On a lower wattage pods device I would bump up the flavors by about 20%. Of course there are exceptions to bumping the pod up.


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I am new myself, been here about 4 weeks now so I am not really the one to be giving advice but I am sure someone with experience and the knowledge base will chime in soon, everyone is very helpful here!
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As @rcleven say’s it will depend on the device you are using, but also your tastes. For instance, I use 70/30 but use a higher flavour percentage than a lot of others I have seen here. I use lowish wattage MTL devices witch are not bad as flavour producers, but my taste buds are not the best so I struggle with lower flavoured mixes.

However, and there is always a “however”, recipes using (SC) or Super Concentrate flavour can be reasonably strong at given percentages due to the nature of the flavouring. These may be ok for you as they are written so be aware of that. There is also the fact that higher PG in mixes inherently carries flavour better than high VG mixes, so the difference may be enough to not need adjusting the recipe for your needs.

My advice, based on a few years of mixing, is to create a small tester of a recipe (10 - 20 ml) to see if it works in your device for your taste. Everyone has a different taste reality which is why we always say that taste is subjective.

So, test, experiment, test again, experiment, test again… you get the idea. Keep asking questions if in doubt, but most of all enjoy the journey to creating mixes that you enjoy.


@Digger2 welcome to ELR. You’ve already received some great answers. IMO, the shift from 70v/30p to 50v/50p isn’t a fundamental shift. PG IS a better flavor carrier, but I don’t think it’s going to be night and day difference.


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Like all have told you its more about what you are using. I have one friend who always complains the flavor is lite but the other gets the flavor when i mix the same recipe just changing it from 70/30. My suggestion is mix a small amount up like a 10ml tester and try it. If its not flavorful boost it by 10% nd if its still not go to 20%. Its really the only way you are going to determine what your device needs


My device is an LVE Orion II 0.8ohm at 14w. It’s more for the throat hit. I’ve tried 70/30 at 6mg and 12mg and it just doesn’t seem to cut it for me.


Thank you and look forward to being an active member on these forums.


I had to look up your device. I would put it in the higher power high bread category. You should be fine with the straight conversion.
I would make a small amount for the trial that fits you taste 10mm to 15mm. Their are other products & additives that will accomplish what you’re trying to do. We just had a whole thread for it.