Adding NIC to my finished Eliquid

Hey Friends, i wanted to get some insight into the process of adding my Nic to my finished e-liquid solution. I usually mix on a mag stirrer and gently heat my mix, just cause i usually batch 500ml per mix… unfortunately ive never thought to much about this but ive always added my nic before heating and stirring, shortly after the mix is finished i drop the mix into a deep freeze to rapidly bring the temp down again. Am i doing myself in here of affecting the quality and longevity of my nicotine… how do you guys mix large quantities, id love to hear your feedback :call_me_hand: :call_me_hand:


What some folks will do is make a recipe including nic information but make the recipe without adding the nic. They will then pour off smaller batches e.g. 30ml minus the nic percentage and add the nic to the small batch and shake or stir. This way the nic doesn’t sit in solution as long and doesn’t have time to degrade.


my nic is suspended in VG im wondering if a simple shake will do the job, i usually carry a litre of my liquid and titrate into 20ml bottles for work etc… seems like a lot of extra work adding nic to 20ml finished liquid with Respect :pray:


All good. That’s the trade off. Is the extra effort worth ensuring good nic? You choose. Getting the nic into the solution will not take as much agitation as blending in the flavors. The worst thing that you can get are “hot spots”, obviously pockets of nic in the suspension. VG does exacerbate the problem. It simply does not play well with others.


Yes yur right dude it is a small price to pay great advice thanks again mate… i might up my on hand bottle size to 60ml that may spread the process a little better… cheers brother hope you had a nice Christmas…


Nic salts are said to oxidize much slower and several have told me that they are smoother. I don’t use them but that may be worth a try.


hey dude… oh yes im a fan i use nothing else but salts, i had a bad experience with Base way way back in the beginning… ive just never thought much of it heating the nic with the finished liquid… but im starting to think otherwise…