Advice on my new blueprint for a blueberry waffle

I created a topic earlier in another section and got great advice and i re thought my blueberry waffle recipe. I was wondering if anyone would give me some input about this recipe if its a good idea or if there are things i shouldnt add, do, or if i should change some things around, or if it sounds good as it is and i should try it.

Blueberry Waffle
70/30 3mg
TPA Blueberry Extra - 8%
FA Bilberry - 2%
TPA Belgian Waffle - 4%
INW Biscuit - 1%
FW Cake (Yellow) - 2%
TPA Dulce de Leche - 1%
TPA Caramel Candy - 1%
FA Meringue - 2%
TPA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - 2.5%
TPA Vanilla Swirl - 2%
TPA Bavarian Cream - 1.5%
TPA Toasted Marshmallow - 1%

Please tell me if I can try this as is or am i asking for trouble? Should i change anything to more or less? should i take anything out or add anything?


Have you tested any part of this combination?
Or are just slinging together 12 flavors on a whim and a prayer?


27% flavor :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It may be better if you’d describe the flavor profile a bit that you’re after and work our way up from there.


My first thoughts
I think you are right up there with the flavour, perhaps a little heavy over all. I don’t use FW yellow cake due to the sugar syrup but that is a personal choice. But overall I think you are making it very complex and difficult for yourself with the use of so many flavours. Balancing a mix with so many moving parts is extremely difficult.


here is one of my bb ice cream cones it works very well and i have a v2 ill post as well that is private , too much isnt always good this is an example for you the FW BB is what makes this work

so this v2 is untested and i wanted more waffle cone than BB ice cream like the other recipe but you see not much has changed these may help you get where you want to be HOPEFULLY


you may end up with a slight BB taste, maybe other than that i could imagine tasting nothing , i day that because ive done things like this b4 where i thought for sure it would work , the smell was good but when vaped a muddled mess


@VariousVapes I think you have too many different profiles going there, and you should simplify, go lighter and move up and/or add from there. Keeping it simple could be:

Belgian Waffle
1 or 2 blueberries
Touch of Vanilla
Sweetener optional


Any advice. Yes. You are over flavored.

I suggest you get these percents down to below 15%

I’ll give you a hint.

Blueberry extra 5%
Bill berry fa 1% (no higher but could do 0.5)
Biscuit inw yeah um 0.25%
Meringue less than 1%.

From there take the advice from the previous thread and go from there.


@Sprkslfly I don’t see how that question is relevant to the question I’m asking im sorry i dont mean to sound disrespectful and i know you dont know me from a hole in the ground but i cant help but feel im being made out to be a mad scientist with no aim or reason behind his attempts at world domination lol but the answer is yes I’ve made a simpler vanilla waffle (compared to this) that I still use. I was asking if this was a good idea or if I should tone it down, I’m looking for complexity is all.

@anon28032772 yea I know its a lot of flavor and usually shouldn’t be used but im looking for a complex blueberry waffle I’m sure by the flavors you can kinda pick out what I’m using for what but I know that doesn’t mean it’ll come out like how I want it which is why I’m asking for feedback. I have gotten good recipes with this much flavor before, really good actually but yea I’m sure some stuff could be effected by it.

@woftam thank you yea I can see how its on the heavy side :smile: I’m not a pro at complex recipes (obviously lol) and am still working at it of course but I was lookin for a nice complex blueberry waffle. Do you think I should take some stuff out to simplify it? Every flavor I felt would serve its purpose but maybe I’m using too high of % with the background accents? Thank you!

@fidalgo_vapes thank you so much my friend I appreciate you and your advice it greatly appreciated as well! I will look into that and try it, and take some ideas from yours if I can. Thank you again! I’ll take your advice and maybe just make a 10ml of this blueprint and see how it is in a couple weeks but also make something simpler in the mean time. I’m just looking for a complex blueberry waffle, but yes I do believe now that I’m going overboard instead of being complex.

@SessionDrummer thank you for your feedback I appreciate it I’m going to try a 10 ml of this blueprint after 2 weeks and in the mean time make something simpler. I think my last one was just too light on the blueberry. I may add one or two accents for a bit of bodied complexity but nowhere near what I’m making now lol I’m assuming I’m just gonna get a muted mess from this one now from what everyone is saying and now that I think about it but ya never know til u try lol

@Chrispdx thank you I appreciate your advice I will heed it in the future. Thank you again!

Thank you all for your advice and suggestions I really appreciate it. Sometimes I love to overdo it and think that it’ll be great, I have so many great recipes that are nowhere near like this but im trying to gain more experience in more complex recipes and I can’t learn but not trying. I’m a from scratch kinda guy for the most part.

Thank you all again!


I would tone down a lot of the flavours % wise. I would make it more simple and then build on the simple profile with things that you think are lacking.

I am not against complex recipes I just know they are super hard to get everything balanced nicely. I find it a little easier to break it down into flavour blocks and work on the recipe in smaller chunks - It will take you a while to get it where you want it. But everyone has a unicorn they want to catch. Good luck


i swear to you i have at least a dozen 13 to 15 flavor recipes that ive made some bad some ok a couple good , the point is we all do it and thats the beauty of diy…

please do id be honored ty


@woftam ok thank you for the suggestion i actually did tone %s down quite a bit to about 20.5% which is still high i know but if i need to ill do it more but i think it should turn out well after that. Its so high because of the blueberry lol
@fidalgo_vapes Thank you my friend i appreciate it!


@VariousVapes Alright, this one stuck in my head, so I’m going to play with it, hehe. Don’t think I’ve ever done a waffle mix, so we’ll see how this plays out, private for now, but let’s see what’s what here. Not mixing, or know the TPA Belgium Waffle very much, going to play around with it a bit, AND, for the love of God, where did my Bilberry run off to ?? Placing another order, tisk tisk, … I’m going to play around, without the heavy cream elements, and see how well the RF SC (good BB by the way) and CAP BB play together. After smelling the TPA BW, it DID seem as if it would benefit from some DDL so tossed some in for good measure. Butta !!! ??? Never leave home without it. Let’s steep on this and see how bad it is without the Bilberry booster for now.


I haven’t blended this one in a while but it was good if I remember.
Part of my ongoing attempts to clone.
Likely it’s over sweet to me now looking at the amount of Sucralose. I’d pull that down to about .25 now.