Advken OHM EGA

The purper is nice but I prefer the wred. :smile:

The wred o-rings that came with mine are actually kind of a pumkin color. Unless that is what she means by wred? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Where can I buy this tank? I need one!

A wredie pumpkim. That should wook i meam look cool. :joy:

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Thank you so much! I am so getting one of these!

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I want one!


28.99dollars plus 16.99 dollars for postage to uk. Mmmmm… Try and find them over here!

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I’m gonna contact the Danish group buy people and see if they don’t wanna order :smile:


You definitely won’t regret it.


I’m pretty stoked waiting for mine. But I have a feeling the general consensus will be - yes, it’s a great tank, just needs more juice capacity. I imagine 3 ml will go pretty quickly with the most flavorful, cloudy builds.


I think you’re right!

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2nd day on this tank. I haven’t even bothered to install my Claptons. The flavor is just great on this tank.

After rewicking I still am getting some flooding when I refill the tank. But it’s not as bad. When you unscrew the cap you can see a rather large air bubble being pulled out of the atomizer through the juice channels. I think to resolve it the cap needs to go on just enough to seal then turn the tank upside down. But for this to work the air pocket in the tank needs to make its way to the juice channels before screwing it down the rest of the way. Are you having any issues @quitter1?

I’ve been in contact with him he’s getting black gold and blue in next week should I ask for a group buy price for you?

Well my Ohmega arrived 2 days early. That doesn’t happen. If anyone wants me to put up some photos I’m happy to do it. Otherwise here’s a half-assed review.

The Ebay seller II got this from must be taking a step about the known packaging issue causing the spare pyrex cylinders to break in transit. Mine looked to have been reworked, and the drip tip was on it’s one in a small plastic pouch and not inside the spare glass. Nothing broken in mine and in good order upon opening the box.

First issue. It took me, Arnold Schwarzenegger (Conan the Barbarian Arnold, not Expendables 3 Arnold) and the Jaws of Life to get the tank apart. Come on people, just a little VG on the o-rings before slapping these things together, huh?

Got it apart without breaking the glass. Sweet. All threaded parts were very well machined. No trace of machine oils or contaminants, but after a habitual cleaning, I set out to build.

This is a very easy to build on set of posts. I did a 22ga Ti, 2.5 ID, 7 wrap dual. It was a little persnickety getting the screws to clamp down and the legs still the length I wanted, but I managed. I believe smaller gauge wires this would be a hassle, and as I read in a prior post, grub screws would have been great.

Situating the spaced coils to be within the diameter of the chamber was no problem. You may have read a prior post of mine where I managed this same set up with the TF-R2 deck only going 8 wraps. I don’t think it would be impossible on this, but certainly a challenge. No way to go 9 spaced with 22ga wire though, forget it.

As for wicking, that was quite easy IMO. I left tails slightly longer than than the bottom of the chamber threads. This is a good amount of cotton, but once wet with juice the excess is easily tucked beside and behind the post. I did put a small amount of wick down the juice channel about 2mm, but other than that just made sure the wick was as wide as the chimney.

Upon filling the tank I expected to have the flood of juice I’ve read about. Nope. Not a drop.

Now how does it vape? It vapes like an Ohmega, which is very good. Very good flavor and vapor production is dense and satisfying. But since this tank is coming out among a myriad of other RTAs hitting the market, let me compare it to my two faves - the TFV4 and the Goblin Mini (huh? night and day? maybe not).

Compared to the TFV4 with comparable set up of the TF-R2 dual RBA, the basic design of dual coil set up, adjustable air flow, and top fill is about the only similarities in terms of form and function. Generally, the Ohmega is like the TFV4 with its balls cut off. Yes, a castrated TFV4 :slight_smile: Air flow is substantially less when wide open. Part of this is due to the way the air channels are cut, on on obvious angle rather than straight through like the TFV4. You can open the air wide open and hold it up but not see through the base. So although the air flow is basically adequate, it does suffer some in that department and I believe it would be a better tank with airflow like the TFV4. But as for flavor, it has it in abundance. I can find that sweet spot for flavor over a wider temperature range than the SMOK tank. Finally that 3ml capacity vs the 4ml in the TFV4 is very noticeable when running identical builds. My final answer for which is better though is really going to boil down to a question. Do you want a nice, warm, very flavorful vape on a tank small enough to use on a eVic VT mini, or do you want a huge, flavorful cloud machine that only feels right on a big mod? Oh, and maybe you may need to add to that question how much air flow are you needing right now?

Now to compare to the Goblin Mini. I don’t know why when I first saw photos of the Ohmega that I thought of my GM. They aren’t that much alike, except for the dual build deck and 3ml juice capacity, the similarities pretty much end there. So right to the vape comparison.

The Goblin Mini setup is 26ga Dual Ti, 7 wraps, 2.5mm ID. Right now with the juice I have in it I’m running it at 540F. Pretty hot setting but really a somewhat cool vape due to the smaller gauge wire. To make this a little more brief, let me just say that the Ohmega, although flavor is really, really good, still is eclipsed by the Goblin. I’ve yet to use a tank that is better, but the quest continues to find one. Aside from that, the Ohmega beats the Goblin in most every other way. Ease of build, ease of juice fill, and overall just dealing with the Goblin Mini is more laborous. I had thought perhaps the Ohmega would replace my GM but nope, not gonna happen. Air flow is even better on it which, considering the GM’s diminutive size, is saying something.

Overall, my impressions of the Ohmega are very positive, although I admit to being a little disappointed when I had a different idea in my head what it would be like. Here are pros and cons

Pros -

  • Ease of build. Door is open to many types of builds and wires due to
    the long 2 post design with massive post holes. And I think even
    people who struggle building would find this much easier.
  • Wicks like a champ. Not a dry hit in the house.
  • Flavor is excellent. There are obviously better flavor producers, but
    among RTAs I think this just has to be top 5
  • Includes extra, colored o-rings so you can customize the appearancec

Cons -

  • Juice capacity is only 3ml. Bigger, hotter builds will run through a tank quickly
  • Drip tip is all metal and even with the heat sink fins, still gets too hot. Also, like the TFV4 the drip tip connector is shallow. None of my drip tips would sit flush - but wouldn’t you know it, the TFV4 one will.
  • Airflow is adequate but not good. Angle-cut air channels restrict airflow unnecessarily.

All in all this is a good little tank. I can get past the little annoyances, and finally have a use for my TFV4 drip tip, which I hate, but is better than the one provided. I will be experimenting over the next week with some different wire gauges and see how that may affect my perceptions. In the final analysis I can honestly say that I would recommend this to pretty much anyone - unless they think some of the airier, larger tanks are their minimum standard, then I say maybe pass this one for now.

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Just in case anyone is curious about what 22ga duals looks like on this deck…


Very nice review. I don’t actually mind the smallness of the tank myself because I change flavors often. Also, I don’t have my TF-V2 decks in yet so I am comparing apples to oranges here I think comparing this to my TFV4. I can’t even get Titanium wire at my LVS. If anyone has any recommendations on where to buy a supply of various Titanium wire I would love to try some. Especially since I just picked up an IPV-D2. So I can finally play around with temp control. What gauges should I keep on hand?


Are you in the US? If so…been posted before but I don’t mind because this guy is great to deal with.


What does this mean?

It’s from his description. If you click on the link you’ll see it reads

This listing is for Pure Titanium Wire. This is the same great wire I use to make my custom jump rings and findings. I rate this 1/4 hard in temper. As you see pictured here, it has an even medium-grey tone and a matte finish, but this will tumble to a high shine and will work harden nicely.

I can’t tell you how that’s useful, but I will say I’ve bought both 22 and 26ga from him. The larger was more malleable but still stiff. The smaller gauge is stiffer and somewhat springy, but not as bad as most 26ga Kanthal I’ve used. Sorry I can’t be more help.

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