Advken Ohmega Nano

Bottom Fill - damn.
7.4 ml Capacity – well alrighty then
EDIT - I made a mistake. Thank you @Whiterose0818 for pointing out this is item# 7 and 4ml capacity. Still better than the original

Also they have multiple colors of the original Ohmega too. These items are all over Ebay.


7.4ml of no flavor and really long wicks like the original, nah. No thanks. I see yours in some of your pics, so I guess you figured it out. It and the Crown are two tanks that I have had to get rid of (not the nano though).

Brother, you got that wrong… That’s a list of features and feature number 7 is 4ml capacity

I am still a bit curious. They necked down the chimney a lot. Every tank with good flavor that I know has a narrow chimney. Everything seems to taste better in smaller tanks too, prefer the nano billow. I’ve got a nano kit for my aromamizer hoping that will up the flavor. I may also soak some hemp for awhile and see if I can get it built horizontally. This thing as dirt cheap as the big boy?

Ah, that makes more sense. I was wondering how that big a jump in capacity was possible but I’ve been fooled by photos before! Thanks for clearing that up. Hey, I think I’ll edit my post to remove that. Thanks.

I’m on my second Ohmega. My first I traded. Then I was sent a second and decided to give it another chance. After several builds I finally figured out the thing and was able to make good use of it. It’s a good vaping little tank in my opinion. Still not my favorite due to a couple issues, mainly that the top is a two piece design and, while they did put some nice knurling on the part you remove to refill, the piece it screws into is virtually ungrippable so it makes removing that a pain. The other issue is that stupid AFC ring. I don’t see me buying one of these purely because I think they took a step backward making it bottom fill, and the double whammy…utilizing a screw hole for filling as well. To me this is just ignant. If they want to impress me…

Re-design the AFC so it’s not influenced by the tightness of the tank when assembled
Keep the top fill, but make knurling on both pieces
Change to the velocity style post holes/grub screw design. There’s no good reason not to.

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Is that the one that jams the AFC ring if you tighten the atty down? This one fills from the bottom with a screw!? Wow. That is a shocking step backward. Did they also make it to fit an EGO style batt too!?

Honestly I don’t know if it will jam the AFC. The original sure does…it’s a bit cheesy IMO. But the vape is really good so I forgive it. And yes, I agree. The bottom fill through a screw hole is like they said hey guys, we have a tank here that already has some problems. How can we make it worse?


I think the tank looks nice, its a shame the design team used a bottom fill screw hole as I would not buy any tank that was not top fill.

Top fill is relatively new among tanks. Initially almost all tanks were bottom fill. I remember using “the trick” to top filling my Kayfun and Orchid but that seems ages ago. The Aromamizer RDTA is bottom fill but it’s very easy to juice up. Maybe I’ve been bottom filling long enough till it doesn’t bother me…but to need a tool to do it? Nah, I’ll pass. I still use my Goblin Mini which uses the same method, just not as much as before. I think I’ll email the Advken folks and invite them to view this thread.


You might include directions for general navigation, clicking on the link, etc. . . I’m not getting the impression that these are particularly bright people. I mean, who does not like dealing with tiny little screws in life’s daily e-cig adventures, like filling in the car or in dim lighting. . .but I’m getting the feeling the world lost no rocket surgeons during the designing of this atty. I know who I would never, ever purchase a mod from though, should they make one. . .and I mean beside Smok.

No rocket surgeons indeed! :slight_smile: I love that. You know, after giving this some thought, I have to question why the design change for filling at all. I mean sure, the all glass tank I can understand, but what’s so hard about maintaining the top fill design using the other tank type? For that matter, why is top fill not possible on virtually every tank out there? I submit that it is, but for whatever reason these companies are electing to do that stupid bottom fill regardless of customer demand. If I had the equipment and expertise I would design the perfect tank, and you can bet it would be top fill…even put ELR on the side. Cool idea huh @LordVapor? LMAO!!

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Since the juice feeds the wicks from the bottom, no extra holes are required in many designs for filling via those same holes. Like prostitutes, machinists charge by the hole, don’t you @LordVapor? This and the difficulty of de-centering the positive post is why everything isnt velocity style. Spend all your money on a velocity deck, nothing left for niceties like putting juice inside, etc. . .Using the same analogy, a $20 tank. . .may have the drip (or balls). Haha. Sorry, encountering a lot of hookers on this trip for some reason.

Start designing something from scratch and things become clear very quickly, ya know. It could also have something to do with the different chimney, looks different from my memory.

I just reinstalled Mastercam on my PC last night. I had taken all my files to work and wiped my home pc. I kinda screwed up and edited the files in a newer version of Mastercam and deleted the old files in the process. And not having $25,000 laying around to buy a seat at home I was stuck. But now I bring the key home with me. So I will be getting back to work on that.

I have spent the last couple months doing research believe it or not. You probably haven’t noticed that my tank collection has grown from 10 to 25 since I started that project. Funny we are discussing that in this thread because this will not have any influence in the design at all :slight_smile:

I have a DNA 200 box in the works also.

You’re right, no influence here and for good reason. It was just an opportune moment to drag the topic out of you :slight_smile:

Honestly just been wondering if you had run up on a busy time and had to put it on hold or what. I’m not in tune here lately like I was before.

Not too busy. Just no way to work on the file. But I have a few more ideas now than I had before. One cool thing that happened during the hiatus… the Swiss machine shop next door to me has been approached by a guy to make some Cartomizers (or whatever they are called). They didn’t hear back from the guy, but he told me he was looking forward to making them.