Aegis Legend Indestructible MOD reviewed by CosmicTruth

Geek Vape AEGIS Legend Dual 18650 Battery 200W MOD “The Indestructible Beast”.

The Geek Vape Aegis Legend.
This is the 2nd version of the Aegis IP67 durable and nearly indestructible MOD.

This device was given to me by for the purpose of this review.
Reviewed Aegis Legend Mod Only.

According to Aegis:
The mod uses six different materials to achieve beauty and durability. And that is just for the outer case: Stainless Steel, Zinc die cast alloy, die cast Aluminum, Carbon Steel, LSR Silicone, and Leather. The mod uses high grade Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR), padded leather and alloy for extreme grip and durability. LSR or Liquid silicone rubber is said to be a high purity platinum cured silicone with a low compression set, for great stability and the ability to resist extreme temperature conditions. It is ideally suitable for production of parts, where environmental conditions and high quality is a must. Aegis Legend also uses it to add grip-ability.

Fast, Accurate, Powerful:
The advanced AS chipset powers the MOD from 5W all the way up to 200W thanks to the parallel dual 18650 batteries. The Legend is reported to fire between 16ms to about 34ms depending on your wattage. Converted that is 0.016 seconds to 0.034 seconds, so it fires really fast, even at 200W. You will hear the fast speed when you tap fire just to turn it off!

A great display:
It has a selectable color display screen with 3 schemes, measuring about 0.4" X 0.85" and it is quite readable in sunlight. I like the color display but it has a couple of non-consistent glitches that I hope will get a fix in firmware updates.

This device has a logical menu free operating system, changing device modes is not difficult, the Legend has all the normal operating modes. I use POWER mode the most. TC and TCR mode works, but it seems to run a little cool so I find myself tweaking the Temperature or Resistance settings upward to my satisfaction. I think it’s a minor thing for me to run the TC or TCR higher to compensate for the error and it may be corrected with a future firmware update. BYPASS mode works, but I don’t have any attachments that need it. VPC or Variable Power Curve works really well, it changes the power level each second over a 5 second long puff, it is extremely effective and accurate, and at the end of 5 seconds it uses your selected Wattage setting.

The Legend has both TCR and TC mode. The TC mode wire settings are NI200, Ti and SS316. There are many safeties and warnings built into Legend including: No Coil, Atomizer short, Atomizer resistance high, Weak battery, Device overheat, 10 second cutoff, Battery low and Keys locked.

IP67 waterproof means it is able to withstand immersion for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. Shock resistant, there is no need to worry about breaking it by accident! But Geek vape says not to drop it, especially with the batteries installed. They say that can lead to the device becoming less water resistant. Aegis Legend is also IP67 Dustproof, able to withstand a dusty dirty and even muddy environment, and it can be cleaned easily with water or a damp cloth because it is water proof. I have to add that your tank will have difficulty surviving the same abuse, mistreatment, dirt and dust as the Aegis MOD. My suggestion for a future Aegis tank might be to add a silicone tank cover.

USB charging is now available:
The new Aegis Legend has an Accessible USB port for charging & firmware updates. The original Aegis has a USB port that is not so accessible, and as far as I know it was only for firmware updates. Of course it is always a better idea to remove the batteries and charge them in a dedicated charger, but the USB port will be good in a pinch.

I always like the USB charge port to be located near the bottom of the MOD, the Legend’s top of MOD location makes the device more limited in tank size, I think a 25mm maximum tank fits perfect. Also Legend’s top USB makes pass through vaping (vaping while charging) difficult. I suggest removing the tank if you use the wall charger, and I have noticed the need to clean e-juice from under the USB cover. The best idea is to use a dedicated 18650 battery charger.
Link to a really good charger
Link to a bunch more chargers

Package Contents (MOD only):

  • 1 X Aegis Legend Mod
  • 1 X User Manual: Multi language, about 6 pages for each of: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Danish, Dutch & Bahasa.
  • 1 X Envelope of user information includes: Warning Card, Warranty Card, and an Available Colors Card.
  • 1 X 1.75’ long USB to Micro USB PC Cable for charging and firmware updates.
  • 1 X Bag of spare parts containing 4 screws and 1 silicone USB port cover.

Available Colors:
Silver, Black/Orange, Snake skin, Camo and Black.

Suggested List Price is $73.90 for the MOD only. Discounted List price is $53.20. BUT Look for a discount code at the end of this review.


  • Size: 90.1 X 55.3 X 30.3mm (measured)
  • MIN power output: 5W
  • MAX power output: 200W
  • Output mode: VW / VPC / TC / TCR / BYPASS
  • Resistance range: 0.05 to 3.0ohm
  • Battery type: 2 X 18650 cells (not included)
  • Case Materials: Stainless Steel, Zinc Alloy, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, LSR Silicone and Padded Stitched Leather
  • Temperature Range: 100-315°C or 200-600°F
  • Environment Operating temperature: -40°C to 80°C or -40°F to 176°F (forty below to one hundred seventy six degrees above zero in Fahrenheit).
  • Durability Rating: IP67 waterproof and dustproof; MIL STD 810G-516.6 military grade shockproof.

Aegis I or Aegis II Legend:
The original Aegis MOD is still a fine device; the teardrop shape makes it more ergonomic but not as pocket friendly. The single 26650 battery did fine and would run it for days, which has something to do with the batteries you select, the dual 18650 Legend runs more than 1 day for me with LG2 batteries. I like the Legends color display but I think the display software needs a little work. The buttons on the original Aegis I was clickier (new word), but the Legends buttons especially the fire button work better for me. My wife likes the size, ergonomics and fire button of her Smok Alien better than the Legend, but she also insists that she will be using an Aegis when we go camping or to the lake swimming or any of our outdoor activities.

The weight is about the same

10 Reasons to NOT buy this mod:

  1. hmmmm I’m thinking.

10 Reasons to buy this mod:

  1. I’ve dropped my MOD in water and it quit.
  2. I’ve dropped my MOD on a hard surface and it quit.
  3. I work in extreme conditions that are hot or cold.
  4. I work or play out in dusty or muddy conditions.
  5. I take my mod into places where it will be shook, bumped or jostled about.
  6. I like to do outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hiking, or gardening.
  7. I work outdoors.
  8. I like my MOD to be easy to hold on to.
  9. I have a leaking vaporizer attachment that I use a lot.
  10. I once spilled e-liquid when refilling and it went inside the MOD.

Aegis Legend torture tests on YouTube:
Haha, no I will not be “torture testing” my Legend.

OK I got the Legend, now what:
Install the batteries correctly, the orientation is shown on the battery door and in the bottom of the battery case.
Power the device on and off with the normal 5 clicks of the fire button.
Click the fire button 3 times to enter operating mode selection, with mode selection active press + or - to change modes, or press both + and - simultaneously to change the screen color.
While in Wattage or TC modes highlight coil and you can lock or re-read the coil with - or +.
Each of the VPC settings have to be selected with the fire button, and adjusted with the + or - buttons.
Long press the fire button or wait 5 seconds to make the current selection active.

With the device in normal running mode, pressing both + and - simultaneously will lock the + and - adjuster keys, but will still allow the fire button to work. A lock icon will appear on the display when locked.
Also you can press all 3, + - and fire to darken the screen into stealth mode. Repeat or remove the batteries to change it back.
And you can press fire & + or - to change the darkness of the screen, but only the lowest 10 will have any dimming effect.
Pressing + or - in running mode will adjust the wattage or temperature setting.
You can reset the device at any time by opening the battery door.

If you have the GeekVape Aegis I with the firmware update, the Legend operation is just the same.

I think a 25mm Tank goes perfect with the Legend.

25mm Starre Pure on the Legend

25mm Joyetech Air on the Legend

I do highly recommend this device to those who need a durable device, but don’t we all? All of my other devices would have much less chance of surviving mistreatment such as a drop, or a drop into water; while the Aegis Legend would have a tremendous chance of surviving any such extreme abuse. The cost of this device looks to be somewhat mid-range even though it is so durable. If you want or need a durable MOD you should look to the Aegis Legend.

Legend Update:
There is a chance your device was shipped with a operating system software that has errors such as the display problems I mentioned above in my review.

  1. Turn the mod off and hold + & - to see the firmware version
    if it shows V1.0 you need to update
  2. Read instructions and download the update Firmware software:
  3. Unpack the .7z archive to your windows PC
  4. Use the Legends USB cable that came with Legend.
  5. remove atomizer and batteries, then hold + key when you make the PC to legend connection, once the device connects you can let go of the + key to do the actual update.
  6. Run the windows file you unzipped it is called USB_ISP_AutoLoad.exe it will bring up a dialogue:
  7. IMPORTANT: Click the Start button on the dialogue only 1 (one) time.
    The program will tell you when it is successful, then you can disconnect from the PC, reinstall batteries and tank, and check the device firmware by pressing + & - while the device is off.

Update details for GB38 V 1.1 - 0611:

  1. Fixed issues of Stealth mode, screen backlight does not turn off. And other screen backlit problems.
  2. Corrected inaccurate battery display problem. Recalibrated to improve accuracy.
  3. Increased Temperature control accuracy.
  4. Automatic resistance detection frequency changed from every 0.5s to every 1s to reduce power consumption.
  5. Added function: Factory reset function.

Update details for GB38 V 1.2 - 0710:

  1. Battery life substantially improved.
  2. Temperature control significantly optimized.

Any question, pls contact us

How to update the firmware? Pls check here:

If anyone finds the factory reset function please let me know where it is hidden…
I asked my friends in support where the factory reset function is and got this reply:

Kindly please ignore this info, after your update success, you also Factory reset function, do not control by yourself.

So I assume just doing the update will reset the device to factory settings, and there is no actual added function.

Official Plug:
I want to thank for allowing me the opportunity to do this review.
If you are considering this device please check out my friends at

Here it is, your Special ELR Discount Code for the Aegis Legend: AEGISL10
With the code you will get an Extra 10% off the already reduced price, so with the code the price is only $47.88, and they offer worldwide free shipping!

Here is the OFFICIAL LINK to Aegis Legend at

But feel free to browse their website; they also have the Legend Kit for a few dollars more which includes the 4ml Aero Mesh Sub Ohm Tank.


I need one, I break things often :+1: nice review I’m sold on this mod


I am loving it! Thanks for the feedback.


Wow! Just ran across this. Nice review! Great pics! Love your reasons to buy the mod. Bravo!


I noticed your review pop up, but avoided reading it till I finished mine. I’m really glad you do such a thorough job on your reviews. Thanks too for popping over and reading mine.

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My pleasure. Don’t know how I missed it until now. Always great to get different perspectives on this stuff.


I just posted mine today :smile:


Great read! Well done Cosmic!!:+1:


Thank you VERY much!


Awesome review! Looks like they copped some of the DNA features at a much better price. Thanx for sharing. :yum:


I don’t have a DNA to compare it to, but what I am noticing on all these new mods is the dying battery falloff is gone. I think they are somehow boosting the power as the battery voltage drops.
As far as price goes price this one is only $47.88 with the discount code, and you get a mod that can take abuse and not quit, @ema at is going out of her way to take care of us here at ELR.

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I guess the VPC might be somewhat like DNA’s? I know it works great to customize your puff, I use it to boost the first second, then level off to my nice cool vape for the next 4 seconds.What @SmilingOgre and some others noticed using test equipment is it smoothly goes from one wattage to the next instead of jumping abruptly from each wattage to the next. All i know is it gives great results :smiley:

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Great review @CosmicTruth thank you.

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Thank you for the feedback, and taking the time to read it :+1:

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My notifications are all messed up too, probably my tablet, not showing new etc.

But whatever, I don’t need another mod (for now :wink: but I enjoyed reading the review. Thanks for the work you put into this, Alien.

Weird to see you reviewing something that’s not joyetech tho, not gonna lie lol.

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I guess one can have too many MODs? The hard part sometimes is if I can have enough different e-liquids mixed for them.

I know right? My first device was Joye, and when I get something different I wonder if they can be as Loved, GeekVape Legend definately has a place in my lineup ever since Aegis I. Every time I drop a MOD i wonder if it will fire again, its nice to have one I dont have to worry about.

I wish it was Buoyant, maybe we can show them that for Aegis III :wink:


I had to practically go hold the hands of the programmers onto the keyboard and show them what to type to roll the official firmware update to public, but it got done.

Turn your Legend off and hold + and - keys, your MOD should show the Version of the Firmware. If it displays Version 1.00 2018 you will need to update your MOD to Version 1.1 2018 0611, or a better, newer, higher numbered version if available.

Update details for GB38 V 1.1 - 0611:

  1. Fixed issues of Stealth mode, screen backlight does not turn off. And other screen backlit problems.
  2. Corrected inaccurate battery display problem. Recalibrated to improve accuracy.
  3. Increased Temperature control accuracy.
  4. Automatic resistance detection frequency changed from every 0.5s to every 1s to reduce power consumption.
  5. Added function: Factory reset function.

Any question, pls contact us

How to update the firmware? Pls check here:

I know the Geekvape/Digiflavor team is sorry for your inconvenience.


Great review, Cosmic! Where does sourcemore ship from to the US? Couldn’t find the info on their site.

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Thanks for the feedback!
They are located in Shenzhen China .

Business Address: Room 212, Shennan Garden District A, Yuehai Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong province, China

Customer Service Tel. no: 86-755-32903781

If you have any problems concerning your orders, please kindly drop an email to [them]


No updates for the Mac yet :slightly_frowning_face: