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Aegis Legend Indestructible MOD reviewed by CosmicTruth


I’m sorry Jose, they are working on a Mac compatible version. Can you borrow someone’s windows based PC?


Excellent, I just updated my mod :+1:


It’s a great and durable MOD, still with the update, please remove the batteries before accidently dropping it :roll_eyes:


Nicely written @CosmicTruth. I love the display and rugedness of that mod.


Thanks Bro.

I accidently left off the list of reasons to get legend:
11. If you ever go outside you need this MOD.
12. If you never go outside you need this MOD.

Did I get everybody yet?


I suppose I could do it at my daughters house, didn’t think of that :face_with_head_bandage:

Excellent mod btw, the only beef I have with it so far is that I have double wrapped some of my batteries and they don’t fit. Well, they do but I won’t be able to get them out anymore :upside_down_face:
A little more space would’ve been nice.

Mind you, I could just bang the mod on the table really hard to get them out, the thing is supposed to withstand that kind of abuse :grinning:


You know I have a tiny label numbering my batteries and I had noticed they are tight! I havent had to break out pry-bars and sledge hammers yet.
Just be sure to take that little white Legend cable with you to daughters house, other cables won’t fit the Legends recessed USB port.


Thanks for the tip, my lazy ass would’ve just grabbed the first one at hand. Saves me a trip back home or thinking the thing is **cked :sweat_smile:


Just a little heads up when updating - push the start button on the software program 1x not 2x if you push it twice the update proceeds as normal and then the mod will appear to be bricked as in won’t turn on or function at all (don’t worry too much if you do it just hook it up again and push once it will complete as normal and work again)



Yeah I also discovered that the hard way, took me three tries before I got it right.


Legend Update Tips and tricks:

  1. Turn the mod off and hold + & - to see the firmware version
    if it shows V1.0 you need to update
  2. Read instructions and download the update Firmware software: https://www.geekvape.com/firmware-download/
  3. Unpack the .7z archive to your windows PC
  4. Use the Legends USB cable that came with Legend.
  5. remove atomizer and batteries, then hold + key when you make the PC to legend connection, once the device connects you can let go of the + key to do the actual update.
  6. Run the windows file you unzipped it is called USB_ISP_AutoLoad.exe it will bring up a dialogue:
  7. IMPORTANT: Click the Start button on the dialogue only 1 (one) time.
  8. The program will tell you when it is successful, then you can disconnect from the PC, reinstall batteries and tank, and check the device firmware by pressing + & - while the device is off.

If anyone finds the factory reset function please let me know where it is hidden…
I asked my friends in support where the factory reset function is and got this reply:

Kindly please ignore this info, after your update success, you also Factory reset function, do not control by yourself.

So I assume just doing the update will reset the device to factory settings, and there is no actual added function.


Real solid review my friend! Didn’t know it was a Liquid Silicone Rubber, that is interesting to find out and you covered all the bases.


Thanks bro!


Don’t you just love firmware updates?
1.2 Aegis Legend update link
Battery life substantially improved
Temperature control significantly optimized


I’ve been wondering about that battery life thing. Now I know, I’m 1.0! Going to update tonight. Thanks for the tips!


1.1 was a noticeable difference, I hadn’t noticed a problem with my batteries, they go dead I change and charge them :slight_smile:


How was 1.0?


1.0 was the original firmware and there was some display glitches where the backlight would stay lit when the device was asleep or in stealth mode.
1.1 fixed that but I guess they still found the faults with battery life and TC control, so we get V 1.2
I edited in our compiled instructions at the end of my review above, everything you need to know and download links can be found their. :point_up_2:


Thanks. Yeah, that backlight glitch happened twice that I noticed, but hasn’t been a problem. Switching from a DNA250 to this, I’ve noticed a difference in battery consumption, for sure. Looking forward to the upgrade. I bookmarked your instructions. Thanks again.


I noted the backlight, but for me I could get it to go away by adjusting the brightness.

as far as updates go be sure you use the Legends cable, I tried others and they would plug in ok but never connect.
and what woftam said about only start the update 1 time, I didn’t experiment but can imagine that could cause problems.