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Aegis Legend Indestructible MOD reviewed by CosmicTruth


Hi @CosmicTruth
Great review, thankyou.
Could you please tell me if the updates can be done on Vista or something more recent?
I looked on the website but it didnt seem to say…
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I can’t guarantee, but I think any windows computer should work. I’ll look to see if there is more information in the supplied docs…

All they say is “Windows based operating system”, so i think it will work. I used windows 10 and it worked fine, you need WinZip, WinRar, 7-Zip, etc. also to open the archive to do the upgrade.
Any question, pls contact support@geekvape.com


Heh, they’re always so clear with their info :disappointed:
Thanks anyways :slight_smile:

PS - I have emailed support as suggested


You are welcome :smile:


now available for Mac OS



thx for the review. went into the local vape shop last night to get a coil and lookin for a new mod that could stand some abuse. they showed me this one saying its new and just come out.

But I thinking I might be better off ordering it from www.heavengifts.com. Been wondering if my local vape shop is selling 3rd party knock offs. it seems weird to me if I buy replacement glass for the tfv8 from them . it never fits right literally got to almost put it in a vise so you can press it together and screw it to together. anywhere else replacement glass fits together with no problem. had the same problem with the tfv4 glass when they stocked it.


as far as authenticity goes there is a scratch authenticity check on the box. as far as prices go it may be lots cheaper by mail order. as far as wait time the vape shop may be fastest.
decisions, decisions…