Anybody ever ordered from AliExpress? I think it’s like a Chinese EBay. I’m hoping to order this if they are legit. I know it’ll be on a slow boat as delivery time is 25 days epacket.

Favorable seller ratings and comments…

5 Stars  88%
4 Stars   4%
3 Stars   8%

Ya it is essentially Chinese Ebay. It does have so good tools and rules - like shipping time the seller must ship within a certain time or the order is cancelled (unless the buyer extends the time) . I have never had any issues buying from sellers there.


I have bought from them before, although its been a couple years. Slow to get to you but that was expected and everything I ordered was as advertised.


Thanks guys for the info… I ordered from @Heaven_Gifts thru AliExpress for $105…shipped. Now for the wait.


@mjag do you have a link to the app you mentioned for the AliExpress app?

Deals are usually good on their site, but it’s (last I checked) was a bit tedious to use. Plus, if deals are even better on the app… It may be worth looking into if their android permissions are in check!


Here ya go:

Just had my first hiccup on there, ordered from buybest and they shipped it to the wrong address. Filed a dispute and Aliexpress saw the tracking and gave me a refund. Every other order has gone smoothly and the prices via the app are hard to beat on some items.


are the prices cheaper on the app over using a PC…


Yeah, even when your on your PC they will usually have a place that says hey, use the app and save even more


Here’s why:

Many are harmless, but I don’t care for the following:

  • retrieve running apps
  • read the contents of your USB storage
  • modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
  • take pictures and video
  • record audio


(edit: I really need a cheap tablet for this kind of crap. lol - that way my phone data isn’t ever at risk)



I to am careful about installing apps, but that list of permissions is F*&%ING INSANE. I’ve never seen an app that needed that much access. They basically own your phone.That list sounds like a virus all by itself. If they wanted they can actually brick your phone… (modify system settings). I’m sticking to the PC and deleting history/cookies right now.

I just have to say it 1 more time…



DAMN!!! I am even afraid to order chinese food now…lol


I checked to see what access a reasonable shopping app request…


Yeah… Wally world is somewhat invasive too IMO.

I mean really. If they don’t need to WRITE anything to the SD card (which is a separate permission), then why do they want to READ what’s on it? Unless they are datamining like so many others… /smh


I call it Facebooking… Invasive still. In the Learn more at the bottom you can see how to disable these request. I didn’t know that before and will never/ever hit install again without a full preview of the requirements.


Well, you can on Marshmallow and newer (Android 6.0.1 and up)… On older versions, you couldn’t, unless you were rooted, and a pretty “major” geek. :wink:

If nothing else, that’s a GREAT outcome that makes me very happy!
Too many just click okay. And then wonder how this, that, and the other showed up out in the wild.


Shopping on Ali Express has it’s pros and cons. Pro is that a vendor is not allowed to claim that something is genuine if it isn’t, but look at the following which is a legit advert on Ali Express:

This is a completely legit advert since it’s an genuine Liitokala (what ever that is) HG2 battery. The rest of the site is packed with similar ‘genuine’ products

My advice is to stick to Ali Express for empty bottles :slight_smile:


Attention to detail while shopping there.
Another important point! Thank you! :thumbsup:

I would add to that, probably only want to use PayPal, or a non-bank linked credit card! That way you have the means to dispute anything, should a situation arise!


I ordered 3 RDA’s from them in silver finish. What I was sent is one silver and two in bronze. When I complained, AE said to work it out with the supplier! Contacted the supplier and all could do was say “so sorry”. This was 4 or 5 years ago so perhaps they have changed.
To top it off, the internal post threads were cut incorrectly. Bad workmanship.
I give AE zero stars.
All who reads this have been warned.


Nothing to do with vaping or the app, but years ago I used to use AE for my nail polishes, since I didn’t wanted to pay $14 a bottle.

They have great prices on products that appear to be genuine. But unfortunately that’s never how it turns out.

I constantly would get wrong, mislabeled or fully fake products. Too that time there was no way to reason with AE, always would tell you go to the vendor or sold as is, wouldn’t care if people post wrong pictures etc.

Again that was many years ago, maybe it’s better now, maybe the category of vaping doesn’t have as many scammers as other categories on that page, but I would be very careful. Sometimes it’s not worth saving $10-30 bucks if you end up having to deal with the outcome.


Absolutely my biggest concern. I to have had a few shady Chinese transactions and really vowed to never order from them again. But against my own advice I did give them another shot. Hopefully I won’t regret it.

I took several precautions before I pulled the trigger…

  1. Read vendor ratings, history and reviews.
  2. Ask ELR when in doubt.
  3. Use Paypal.
  4. Screenshot the guarantees, inquiries/chat and purchase process for proof.
  5. Use a known ELR vendor so I can at least BLOW THEM UP ON ELR… @Heaven_Gifts.
  6. $105 won’t make or break me.
  7. Pray for the best outcome.