All my flavours taste muted

HELP!! Almost all my recipes taste muted, especially whenever I use strawberry (ripe), I can’t taste that at all! I’ve been vaping for about a year now and have been into DIY eliquids for about 6 months. The strange thing is, I never had this problem! I used to use a lot of Capella flavours such as sweet strawberry, with no problem at all. However, when I switched to using TPA, I’ve had no luck with my liquids😟
Ive steeped juices from 1-2weeks, some have improved, most haven’t (the ones with TPA strawberry, TPA dragonfruit and TPA blueberry wild). I’ve only had good luck with one juice, and that was a monster melons clone which I love.
Here are some of the recipes I’ve tried:

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Every human is wired different. 2% of one flavor may be too much for one person and tasteless for the next. Often times you’ll need to adjust the suggested amounts of flavor across the board to get what works for you. For example the Menthol Arctic I use from flavor art is recommended to use I think 3% to start and adjust as needed however I find 15% to be best for me.


Are you using a lot of the same flavors over and over again in different recipes? It’s possible you’ve got a bit of vaper’s tongue and are just burnt out on those certain flavors.


That’s so weird I’m in the exact same position. I’ve been vaping about a year and trying diy for about a month and I’m also having problems with 2 out of the 3 flavours by TPA as you (TPA strawberryand TPA dragonfruit).
by any chance did you buy your concentrates from ?

I’ve had luck with this one though using TPA.

Being new to diy I had nothing to base it off I’ve just made a few 10 ml’s today using new PG, VG and Nic from Darkstar because I was thinking there may be something wrong with the starter kit I got from leisure liquids (Nic was oxidised for starters) but after reading this and you having more experience I’m wondering if its the concentrates.


I did the exact recipe and it too was bland

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The Mother’s Unicorn Milk is just that, milk. Truth be told that recipe has entirely to much creams/vanillas in it. I wouldn’t expect to taste anything else but. I say try something else being you are a beginner. Second recipe may have potential however TPA Strawberry Ripe is a weak flavor. Let’s say that from the start. I personally mix TPA Strawberry Ripe with FW Strawberry in half and half portions. Many use Strawberry Sweet (CAP) with the SB Ripe. If you do this you will bring out more strawberry flavor…


If you mix sweet Strawberry with the TPA strawberry it seems you get a more realistic sweeter strawberry flavor. I’ve found that if I try to use all one brand of flavor in a recipe it just never seems to shine. All 30 + of my recipes have at least two brands if not three or four brands of flavors.

Also I might suggest you try Nicotine River’s Nic Select for your nicotine, they also carry CAP, TPA, FLA, FA, FW flavors I believe


So true, I catch myself getting Peach is dead to me tongue because I really like it and it’s in my top 5 or 6 mixes. Every now and then I have to make myself vape some of my other stuff to clear it up.


Watch for vapers tounge. I try never to vape more than 120 of the same flavor within the next 10 or so flavors

i would also check the hardware setup too, especially your coils.
do you change to a fresh coil head (or you dry-burn, clean and re-wick your coils if you’re using rebuildable) when you change juice?

the megamelon recipe is strong and it can stick to the coil cotton and mute everything else. what i do is set up a different tank for “similar juices” - for example, in one tank, i’ll use strawberry-based juices, another for melon-based, another for minty …and so on. this way, the flavors don’t shift that much if i’m too lazy to re-wick (i only use RTAs/RDTA’s)

also have a tank with a strong icy flavor to “wash-away” between flavors. it helps bring back my taste buds

hope you get your flavors back - cheers,


Thank you for your reply! I have tried upping and lowering percentages, however, the flavour doesn’t feel like it’s changing! I’m quite careful when it comes adding more flavouring, as I have muted flavours before by adding too much. I’ve added a few more drops of strawberry to a strawberry fog recipe I found on here (which tasted horrible to me), I’ll let it steep and see how it goes!

Is it possible that I’ve vaped strawberry too much that I can’t taste it anymore?? Hopefully that isn’t the case, but my friends have trouble tasting the strawberry too! The strawberry is TPA strawberry ripe, I have normal TPA strawberry too.

I thought my concentrates were off! No they’re not from leisure liquids, I bought mine from rainbow vapes. Strangely, my recipes started tasting bad when I made my order off I tasted a drop of dragonfruit from theecigshop and a drop of dragonfruit from vapable, the one from theecigshop tasted different and bitter as anything, whilst the one from vapable tasted normal. Is there a chance my concentrates can be off?

I mix both strawberry ripe and strawberry to compensate for the weakness of strawberry ripe, I also added in some sucrolose. This was for the unicorn milk recipe. Can you recommend any strong strawberry concentrates?

I know others have said it, but Strawberry Ripe is notorious for being a difficult flavor by itself. Try adding another strawberry to it and see if that improves it. I like using either Inawera’s strawberry Shisha or Flavorah’s Strawberry. I use Cap’s Sweet Strawberry sometimes too. Here’s a thread on the many woes of the strawberry vaper. :wink:

I like to think it is vapours tongue, however I don’t think I have vaped that much of one flavour to get it!! Also I taste pineapple and melon flavours nicely, so I’m not sure if that rules out vapours tongue…

I use an avocado 24mm with a dual Clapton for when I’m out and about and a mini freakshow when I taste flavours. I rewick every 1-2 days.

What I don’t understand about strawberry ripe is, why is everyone enjoying it and I’m not😟My friends find it difficult to taste the strawberry too, could it be the concentrate itself? Thank you for the link!

Yeah I’d say it’s possible for sure. Strawberry is usually not a strong flavor to begin with so I could see it being pretty easy for your tongue to get used to it and not recognize it anymore. Honestly, I get vaper’s tongue with just about any flavor that I vape more than a tank or two. I just try to switch to something different (like cheesecake or ice cream instead of fruit) for another tank or two and then when I go back to it the flavor is usually there again.

have to agree here… that’s exactly what i’m doing now as we speak… enjoying a SB Cheesecake (it’s really a simple recipe of SB Ripe and CC), but if i vape it too long, like for few minutes, i would only get the cheese :slight_smile: - so i got some strong icy mango + pineapple to break the chain … then back,

strange you mentioned your SB concentrates are different - you may need to check that further, also check your mix tools - i had a situation recently where my measurements were off, and i was using 75% more of the flavor concentrates, which had a reverse effect … yucky one.